Set Up a Virtual Office with Four Easy Steps

A virtual office gives you the professional environment of an office space without having to deal with the restrictive and sometimes expensive leases you traditionally have to face. Virtual offices have a wealth of benefits, but it is important to know how to set up your virtual office to work best for you and your company. 

When setting up your virtual office space you should take into account several key elements, such as location, personnel, and the workspace itself. This will help you make sure you are choosing the best virtual solution for your business when you are dealing with your office setup.


Choosing the right location is the most important decision for an entrepreneur or a company seeking to grow in a new market. The location you choose can greatly impact your company’s sales, performance, overhead, and overall operations. Additionally, the right location can help give prestige and create a sense of trust around your business. Davinci currently has more than 1,500 business locations around the world.  


Davinci’s locations allow you to receive business mail, which you can then pick up on-site or have it forwarded on a scheduled basis. When you are first establishing your virtual office space, it is important to consider your mailing options and set up services to help you succeed. If you are using a forwarding option, consider using a PO Box rather than your home address.


The next thing you need to worry about in your virtual office setup steps is to make sure your company is visible and branded in your new location. Davinci helps you with that by giving you the chance to have your company’s name featured on the lobby directory listing. This will put your company’s name next to industry leaders, which uplifts the overall image of your business and gives you a great chance for building professional relationships.

Live or Virtual Assistant

Today’s clients and consumers focus highly on experience. Making it easy for them to find you and to get in touch with you will help you stand out from the competition. You need to think about finding and retaining new business leads that will be coming your way. One of the most proactive ways to ensure you are getting the best of leads is to hire a live receptionist or virtual assistant service. Doing so will make it easier for you to follow up with leads and clients, schedule appointments, and make sales calls. 

Once you are finished choosing your location, setting up how you will get business mail, arranging your branding, and deciding on a live or virtual assistant, your virtual office space is now up and running. Your space will give your company a reputable office location while still fitting your budget and allowing you the flexibility you need. 

If you want even more from your workspace, consider looking into Davinci’s coworking spaces. These spaces are customized for professionals who are interested in collaborating with others. It will help you break out of your routine and it will provide you with access to unique amenities and a strong business community; these are also great places to host a meeting.




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