What Do Virtual Office Workers Do at Home?

LOS ANGELES—With virtual office technologies, employees can work at home—and more are choosing to do so.

According to new infographic from OnlineDegrees.com’s entitled “Clocking In From The Couch,” telecommuting is a growing trend. If you've been reading this virtual office blog for any length of time, of course, you already know that. But the engaging infographic also offers insights into what employees are really doing when they work from a virtual office on the homefront.

The infographic is based on a study from Wakefield Research, which reveals that workers would consider giving up lunch breaks, alcohol and coffee in exchange for the flexibility of working from the comfort of a virtual office in their home.

To meet employee needs, 33 percent of companies now allow personnel to work from home on a regular basis. Altogether, the research reveals that 10 percent of Americans have the freedom to telecommute at least once a week.

“Employers are becoming more flexible with their workforce,” says Kevin Phang, spokesperson for OnlineDegrees.com. “This is perhaps because, with the huge growth of wireless and mobile technology, the office can be anywhere.”

The infographic also indicates how people are spending their time while “working” from a virtual office at home. Workers who participated in the survey reported that in addition to productive virtual office work, they watch TV or a movie, cook dinner, drink alcohol and complete household chores. Nevertheless, study after study shows that virtual office workers are happier and more productive workers.

“A comparison may be drawn between working from home and learning and earning your degree online,” explains Phang. “Success is down to the individual. Simply put, some are just more productive than others when completing assignments in their own space.”


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