Virtual Office Helps Engineer Live Abroad and Keep His Job

TAMPA, FL-You don't have to tell Barry Frangipane that the Internet has made the world a little smaller. The software engineer and author has telecommuted from a virtual office in Tampa for years. But he didn’t realize how far telecommuting could reach until he read Under the Tuscan Sun, a book about an American who chucked it all to live in Italy.

"The key about Under the Tuscan Sun was that they had a ton of money," says Frangipane, author of The Venice Experiment, a memoir that chronicles his year living in Europe while he telecommuted to his software job in the states. "Anyone could move to a foreign country with a ton of money. We wanted to see if a typical middle-class couple could do it, with a job."

Barry and his wife settled on Venice and devised the following tips on how others could make an American living while living abroad. Although housing, cars and a cook played into his moves, telecommuting was atop his list.

As Barry sees it, the changes over the past 10 years for telecommuters have been subtle, but together they have produced a tipping point making the idea of extreme telecommuting a reality. Advances in the quality of videoconferencing make meetings as effective as they would be in person. Barry says he was gone for 13 months, and most of his clients never even knew he had left.

Whether you want to telecommute from Tampa or some city in Italy—or somewhere in between—Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has you covered. Davinci Virtual has five virtual office locations in Tampa  and two in Italy: one in Milan and one in Rome. Let’s look at a virtual office in each location so you can get a flavor of what to expect.

Davinci offers a virtual office in Rome at Executive S.P.S. at Via Sovoia 78. That’s a prime business address there. Starting at $105 a month, you get mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, lobby greeter, client drop off/pick-up point, and mail forwarding and shipping services. You can also rent a conference room or day office on demand by the hour. In Tampa, you can tap into all the same benefits starting at $79 a month in some locations.


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