Four Ways to Stay Healthy and Active When You Work from Home

You’re probably familiar with all the ways working from home can boost your creativity and productivity. Have you ever stopped to wonder if working from home is doing great things for your health? There are many temptations in your house that could put you at risk for long-term health consequences. People who work from home don’t always have access to the same wellness programs and initiatives that traditional employees enjoy. It’s important to be proactive about maintaining a healthy balance between doing good work and doing good things for your health. Here are four tips to avoid the health traps of working from home.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Eight Hours of Sleep

A healthy sleep routine is one of the most important keys to good health and mental clarity. People who work at home face a temptation to keep irregular hours. Too many late-night work sessions could cause you to suffer from burnout. It’s important to try to maintain the same hourly schedule as people who commute to an office. Accomplishing this goal may require you to set time boundaries with clients. You may also have to arrange your sleep schedule to accommodate the time zones of important clients or colleagues.

Take Brief Walks

A corporate environment is full of reasons to walk around. Workers constantly leave their desks to visit the copy machine, the mail area, the coffee pot, or colleagues. People who work at home don’t have many reasons to stretch their legs during a typical day. This can lead to long hours of sitting in the same position. Many studies have shown that spending prolonged periods of time sitting can lead to higher rates of disease and morbidity. It’s important to schedule brisk walks around your neighborhood, yard, or city block.

Keep Exercise Equipment Within Reach

You can bring some fitness to your daily routine by adding some fitness equipment to your home office. All you need are some small weights, an exercise ball, or a yoga mat. Every moment of downtime is an opportunity to burn calories and stress. You can engage in repetitions, stretches, or relaxation techniques while you wait for emails.

Take a Real Lunch Break

Employees in corporate environments are often mandated by law to take proper lunch breaks. People who work in a home office often neglect the importance of carving out time to eat a balanced meal. A lunch break is a great way to avoid the unwanted calories that come from snacking at your desk throughout the day.

Davinci virtual office solutions believes that time spent working at home can also be time spent improving your health. You don’t have to be sedentary to be successful. Our four healthy tips may help you avoid the common pitfalls of spending long hours in a home office.


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