Davinci Virtual Execs Share Industry Secrets with OBCAI

Davinci Virtual’s Bill Grodnik and Martin Senn were featured in a podcast interview produced by the Office Business Center Association International (OBCAI). You can listen to the podcast on the OBCAI or visit our Facebook connections page to hear it there and let us know what you think!

Here's a sneak peak:

Richard Meyers, executive director of OBCAI, interviewed Grodnik, president and CEO of Davinci Virtual and Senn, COO of Davinci Virtual, to learn more about how the virtual office company operates and the revenue flow to the company and its central partners.

“The idea was to create a national platform from which to offer virtual services, both communications and virtual office locations,” Grodnik explained. “Martin and I got together five years ago…and figured out a way to create an online platform that we could offer these services on a national scale. The way we do that is through partner centers or other business centers in the industry.”

Grodnik goes on to explain how the business model works. Senn picked up where Grodnik left off to discuss the future growth of the virtual office industry, explaining the opportunities to grow the ratio of traditional business center clients to virtual office clients. Many centers, he said, aren’t fully catering to the virtual client base to the highest level. Senn also pointed to the expanded market of virtual office customers.

“The recession has shown Davinci Virtual something very significant. In the very beginning, prior to the recession, we saw a lot of small- to mid-sized businesses and start-up companies embracing the virtual office concept. During the recession… less of those companies were being created. We noticed, though, very quickly that larger companies were looking at reducing their overhead. A lot of them at that point started considering virtual offices solutions…as part of their business model.”

Meyers also posed questions about whether virtual offices are cannibalizing serviced office leases, how Davinci Virtual promotes business center partners, what markets are the most popular for virtual offices, how Davinci Virtual finds and compensates its virtual receptionists and much more. Be sure to listen to the entire podcast!


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