Davinci 101: Live chat services drive more sales and create a better customer service experience

One of the most popular add-on services among our current customers is our live web chat service. More and more people are finding out the convenience and effectiveness of having online live chat as part of their overall business strategy. If you have spent any significant time on the Davinci website, you have probably seen a peek into how the live chat service works. If not, here’s the basic rundown.

When a visitor comes to a live chat enabled website, they browse from page to page as they normally would. Based on a set of defined rules (time, number pages visited, etc.) the website may automatically prompt the visitor if they would like to engage in live chat with a representative. If they choose yes, they’re immediately connected to a Davinci live chat receptionist. Once connected, the live chat receptionist can help with customer service inquiries, ordering, or just helping the website visitor to understand the site, services, and products. Live chat services are way more effective than hoping that the visitor fills out a contact form.

Live chat for business can be a true game changer for entrepreneurs for many reasons. First, live chat is a proven method for increasing qualified sales leads. Second, providing a live chat service for your current and potential clients shows that you’re committed to providing great communication. Finally, it frees you up as a business owner to focus more on the bigger picture or other important tasks than gathering leads. Having a Davinci Live Receptionist available to manage website live chat opportunities will greatly increase your website’s overall ability to sell and communicate.

We provide the best live chat solutions for all websites, including WordPress and custom built sites. To find out more about adding live web chat services to your website through Davinci, contact our company’s sales team at 888.863.3423.


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