Insurance Browser Achieves Scale with the Help of Davinci Virtual

Founded in 1999, Insurance Browser Inc. is an independent agency focused on connecting customers with some of the most reliable insurance providers in the country. The company makes the selection and purchase of insurance policies fast, easy, and informative. Customers have the ability to find and apply for automotive, rental, life, and home insurance using Insurance Browser.

Insurance Browser has served tens of thousands of customers over the years and seen its business grow significantly since its founding. It started with operations in Georgia and expanded into five other states—Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Ohio, and California—over the past decade. “Time is often cited by insurance customers as their most valued asset,” says Jack Heller, CEO and President of Insurance Browser. “With our help, they can quickly and easily shop for insurance policies that meet their needs by comparing coverage and rates from multiple providers.”

Virtual Address Space Solves Need for Physical Office

As Insurance Browser expanded its operational footprint to new locations, it needed to open offices in those locations. “Renting a physical office didn’t make sense,” Heller comments. This is when he stumbled across the concept of a virtual office when performing an online search.

Davinci Virtual Office solutions gives us the flexibility to add operations in any state without the overhead of a physical office location,” he explains. “We don’t need a permanent office space, but rather a location for license hanging and mail receipt and forwarding. In addition, because of the nature of our business, we need a location that garners immediate respect. All of this comes with our Davinci Virtual Office solution.”

Meeting Rooms on Demand

One aspect of Davinci Virtual Office solutions that Heller finds particularly beneficial is the ability to find and use professional conference rooms for meetings with insurance providers or clients when he or his team is traveling. “Davinci Meeting Rooms gives us a professional meeting space with all of the business services one expects from a business like ours,” he says. “It is extremely easy to select and book a room. We especially like the fact that Davinci lobby greeters are there to greet our guests and ensure their professional needs are taken care of.”

Focusing on Customers with Live Receptionists

Heller is also a customer of Davinci Live Receptionist services. “We have a small business and prefer to spend our time and resources on our customers,” he observes. “As a result, rather than hiring a full-time receptionist, we looked to outsource the function. In this case, Davinci Live Receptionists is a perfect fit for a company like ours. The team of Davinci customer service agents function as a virtual extension of our team and deliver outstanding service experiences to our customers. They either provide the customer with the information they need or route them to the appropriate member of our team who can answer their question or solve their problem.”

Virtual Extension of the Business

Heller is quite pleased to have Davinci Virtual at his disposal. “Davinci Virtual allows us to focus on what matters most to us and our customers with the assurance that it will be done in a highly professional manner,” he sums up. “Using services from companies like Davinci Virtual enable us to look and operate like a big business.”

Are you interested in finding out how virtual addresses and offices can enable your small business to boost its profile and expand into new locations? Check out our Solutions Guide, “Boosting Businesses with High-Profile Virtual Addresses and Offices,” for details on how you can make your small business look and act big.


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