How Social Media Managers Benefit From Virtual Offices

It’s estimated that there are over 50 million social media managers, agencies, and freelancers worldwide, making it one of the top 5 most popular startups. Social media management is highly sought after, but the market is becoming increasingly flooded. Because of the high levels of competition, freelance and start up social media managers require credibility and expertise to set them apart from their competitors, and the resources to build their brand. The use of virtual offices provide ample advantages to social media managers working on their professional presence in the market, and can greatly help excel their agency quickly.

Local SEO Advantages

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is key in order for all businesses to be found online on search engines. Social media managers who are freelance or who have just started their agencies need to have a focus on improving SEO efforts on all content posted on their channels and site, which is especially true for local SEO. One of the best advantages of using virtual offices is that you are provided an official business address to use that is in a genuine commercial building in your city, or even a city you are targeting to acquire clients. Your business then has an address and face to it, despite your physical location being elsewhere. This will greatly improve local SEO efforts because the search engines will then mark your business as more credible and trustworthy, and will bring up the business when people search in locations near the virtual office address.

 Increase Credibility

More Americans are choosing to freelance than ever before, and credibility is needed in order to stand out as a freelance social media manager. Virtual offices provide the authenticity needed to resemble a large agency and be able to compete with larger corporations. A business address, and a live receptionist to answer the calls will add a professional element that most social media managers lack. When so much of the work of a social media manager is done online, and through posting content on the platforms, having a virtual face to the business is a much needed professional touch.

Save Money On Expenses

When starting out as a social media manager, money will undoubtedly be tight. All the trimmings of an office may not be available at the beginning, but you may still require them to have a well operating business. Virtual offices can provide different services in this regard, with virtual receptionists. These receptionists are professionally trained to answer live calls as you receive them, provide call forwarding and screening, voicemail management, and general admin duties like schedule management. Having a virtual office also eliminates any overhead when it comes to the office itself; there is no lease, utility bills or technology spend. Money generated in the business can go straight back into it, such as increasing social media ad spend.

Social media managers can boost their business efforts greatly with a virtual office. When authority, credibility, and online presence is needed to properly scale your business, using a virtual office is the very best option.


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