Dramatically Increase Sales Through Better Communication

78% of consumers have canceled a transaction or decided not to make an intended purchase because of a poor customer service experience. -American Express Survey, 2011

Running a small business or startup can be an exciting time for a motivated mobile entrepreneur. With a growing client base, new business opportunities, and a strengthening brand, it's important to keep your customer service consistent and responsive. Recent surveys have shown customer service and communication with current and prospective clients are hugely important when it comes to improving a small business' bottom line. Having a team of live receptionists to answer calls, process orders, provide client support, and help keep your communication with clients organized is one of the most cost-effective and immediate ways to elevate your customer service.

When asked, 67% of respondents to the American Express Survey claimed to have hung up the phone out of frustration for not reaching a real person. While clients understand that at times they may need to leave a voicemail or message, if you're consistently struggling to quickly answer phones, up to 2/3 of your clients will look elsewhere. Davinci live receptionist average an under two second answer time for all inbound calls.

In a 2009 study, a Gensys Global Survey found out that 78% of a happy customer experience is based on competent service reps. While, as the business owner, it would be ideal to speak to every client personally, a trained and always available live receptionist service can always be counted on to provide a happy customer experience for your clients. Based and completely staffed in the United States, Davinci's receptionists will be able to communicate clearly, quickly, and with a personalized touch to your clients.

Finally, Lee Resources found that 91% of unhappy customers will not willingly do business with a company that has provided them with a negative customer service experience. Unless you're the only player in your industry, slow communication and non-personalized customer service will drive your clients to the competition.

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