Five Simple Green Business Strategies for 2014

Are you looking for ways to turn your business green in 2014? You may be surprised to learn what’s good for the planet can also be good for your business. Are you ready to be socially responsible and business savvy? We want to help you seize your golden opportunity to create a green strategy. Here are five simple and painless ways to make your business plan a little friendlier to the planet:

Go Paperless 

Countless sheets of paper are wasted when employees print emails or internal documents. Important emails and documents could easily be archived in a virtual capacity. It may be advisable to have your information technology department coach employees on how to properly store documents and files for easy access.

Go Virtual

Allowing your employees to work remotely from home is one of the best ways to reduce pollution. This plan of action will eliminate the waste and high cost associated with supplying water, electricity, and furniture to a physical office space. This strategy will also help to eliminate the high amounts of fuel your employees would use to commute to work.

Ditch Desktop Computers

Laptop computers use a fraction of the energy consumed by desktop machines. Any new equipment upgrades should favor laptops and laser printers over bulky desktop styles. It's important to think twice before attempting to dispose of any old machines or equipment, however. Be sure to consult a recycling agency that handles the disposal of electronic goods. You may also be able to sell old equipment to other businesses.

Seek Green Vendors

Many office supply companies offer green solutions to their clients. Be sure to ask your representative about any green alternatives offered by the company you use to purchase paper goods, printing supplies, or office furniture. It is also important to inquire about harmful ingredients in any of the products used by the outside cleaning agencies or maintenance companies you hire to do work in your office.

Count Every Cup

It is estimated that the average employee will use up to 500 paper cups per year. You may want to consider giving every employee in your organization a complimentary reusable mug. The reusable mug can become a part of your company’s culture of supporting environmental efforts. Department managers and leaders should set the tone by proudly utilizing their mugs every single day.

Davinci virtual office solutions commend your decision to add green strategies to your business plan in 2014. We believe a greener world is always good for business. These five tips may help you do your part to preserve our planet for many generations of entrepreneurs to come.


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