Using Technology to Prevent Work Crises

In many companies and organizations, it may seem like managers and staff members are constantly trying to put out fires. These may be related to trying to save major accounts, trying to make unhappy customers happy, dealing with lost data when a computer crashes, and more. Crises can affect your employees’ efficiency and productivity, your stress level, and your customers’ satisfaction. Clearly, you want to do what you can to minimize these crises in your workplace.

Technology is an excellent tool you can use to prevent many types of issues and challenges in the workplace. Consider a few of these life-savers:

Invest in the Cloud

Use cloud-based storage to minimize data loss. When you store your company’s information in the secure cloud, all of your employees will have access to it no matter the device tapping into it. Even if an employee’s computer crashes or their phone is lost, the documents are still safe in the cloud.

Hire a Social Media Scout

You can use social media for more than promoting yourself; you can also see what customers are actually saying about your business. This is where a social media scout comes in and responds back to negative reviews. If there is a pattern of bad reviews about a certain employee or a certain dish, it’s time to re-evaluate their place in the company. If someone had a bad experience, the scout can apologize and offer ways to help. Bad word of mouth is a crisis waiting to happen, so nip it in the bud.

Use Davinci Virtual Office Solutions 

Davinci virtual offices are useful for combating the competition. If you hear that your rivals are opening new stores, you’re able to keep up with them with a virtual office. You can rent an address in the prestigious areas of your choice and use these addresses for your website and business cards. Appear like a franchise for more customer confidence and so your business doesn’t get lost in the marketplace.


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