How and Where to Find Future Talent

Hiring new employees is almost always a challenge. The right employee should meet all of your prerequisites and requirements regarding skills, education, and other factors to best fit with your company. The right talent can be a true benefit to your company, but if you hire the wrong individual for a job, you may be dealing with stress and headaches for weeks or months to come. If you are focused on trying to find the right talent to hire for your company, consider a few ideas.

As a first step, you should take time to consider where to place your employment ad. If you are interested in hiring an individual with little or no experience, working with college recruiters and hiring a recent graduate may be a great option for starting an employee from scratch.

You also should consider the benefit associated with using online employment search sites such as:

    • Monster.com


    • Indeed.com


    • Craigslist.com

These are popular websites where job seekers commonly turn to, so your ad is more likely to be seen by talented individuals. However, bear in mind that the caliber of professionalism and overall talent may vary depending on which website you use. For example, Craigslist.com may be more likely to attract jobseekers with limited skills and experience, which may be ideal for jobs like data entry or other related positions. However, if you are looking for highly skilled and experienced labor, Monster.com may be a better solution.

You can also consider using social media sites like LinkedIn to branch out and network with existing business contacts when looking for a new employee. You can research your existing business contacts and put feelers out to those individuals who may have the skills you are looking for. While some individuals may not actively be looking for a new job, they may be open to a change, if they are approached by an employer.


You already know what kind of person you’re looking to add to the team, so let these tips guide you to your new employee.


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