How to Keep Your Personal and Business Social Media Lives Separate

Social media is a complicated tool for many businesses. You definitely want the extra exposure for the good aspects of your company, but you want to remain wary of bad exposure, such as compromising pictures and uncouth statements. It doesn’t matter if you have a large enterprise or a small start-up using tools like Davinci Virtual Office Solutions for more business presence, you want to remember these simple steps before setting up your next social media account.

Keep Your Accounts Separate

One of the best ways to keep your private and business life separate is to have separate social media accounts. For example, if your company is a clothing store, use your company’s Pinterest account to ‘pin’ images of fashion and style trends. You’ll want to reserve your own private Pinterest account for ‘pin’ing additional images you like, such as food, crafts, and travel destinations. This keeps your company account purely focused on your industry.

Know the Purpose of Each Social Media Platform

While it’s tempting to simply sign up for each and every social media account available, know what each one is used for before you add it to your website. For instance, you’ll want Facebook users to ‘like’ your business so they’ll receive news updates from your company each time you add a new status update. LinkedIn is mainly used as an online resume to connect with people related to your field, while Pinterest is an online collection space, with users posting pictures of things they find interesting. Twitter is mainly used for rapid updates about what you’re doing in the moment.

Grandma Rule

Most social media sites allow privacy settings so you can limit what certain connections can see or not. However, these settings change often enough where you might run the risk to miss an update or two. While the original purpose of social media was to not censor fun or your creative expression, you can’t be too careful. Go by the grandma rule: if you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see your latest statement or picture, your customers probably won’t want to either.


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