Virtual Offices in London Bring Back Jolly Old England

The cities that seem to have the U.S. business axis covered are New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Across the pond, we have London, located in none other than “jolly old England.” We all know that the origin of ‘jolly' means cheerful. Yet the cost of doing business in London is far from joyful. But it can still be fun when you really get to participate in the game.

Today’s smaller firms have a hard enough time trying to manage just one small office - let alone expanding globally. However, worldwide growth is really what can put any sized company on the map in a big way. But if you mention that to an entrepreneur or small business owner today, they usually look dreamily to the sky or shake their head and chuckle.

Ironically, “jolly old England" is still used comically to evoke a sense of nostalgia of days gone by - largely from before the industrial revolution in the 1700-1800s. Of course, back in those days, business was a far cry from what it has become today.

The reason that London is such an important location for business may stem from England’s 19th century turn as an empire that ultimately gave them a head start in the commercial and technological aspects of business. As a result, the confluence of factors leading to the Industrial Revolution spawned an era of wealth and power never before seen in the world.

London will always remain a huge player on the world business spectrum. When a company has a presence there, things just seem to happen. Today, virtual offices make it possible for any business to have an "office" in London. No longer does a firm have to pay high rent to have a presence in one of the most influential places in the world. For around $120 a month they can have a "posh" office address and all the amenities the big players do such as reception and mail delivery. And just think, you can have those fantastic Cadbury bars delivered locally for your clients!


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