The Future of Telecommuting

Telecommuting should really be a lot more popular than it is. Unfortunately, there are still many businesses riding the late train. When Yahoo! took away those privileges, I was devastated. And I don't even work there! What made me sad is that I thought tech firms would lead the rush toward more flexible work environments and hours. So when they pulled that plug I was grateful that I never pursued working with them.

I don't like to badmouth them - but they deserve it. I mean, they took us back to the stone ages, as far as I am concerned. So glad to have virtual offices! They make it even more possible for companies to get their feet wet in the virtual world. It's a great way to experiment.

Savvy businesses can get a virtual office for a small amount of money with a nice business address, a place for clients to come, and for mail to be dropped off. The phone systems are phenomenal and they can get faxes, too. A live person will answer the phone if you want, which is totally affordable since you're not paying the rent - you're only really paying for the services.

When staff needs to meet - they can do that, too. For around $20 an hour - everyone can get together to brainstorm and share data. They can work out plans and then go back to their respective work environments - whether it is home, a coffee shop, or the beach!

It seems to me that the Internet is old enough now to have enough relevancy in terms of work flexibility and cloud processes. I just don't understand why more companies don't go virtual -- they could really save on costs. In fact, they could save jobs that way. Without such high overhead, they could actually afford to pay more workers! That's so great for the economy! And the green incentives are expected to rise over time. Right now, companies get kickbacks when they use green designs.

Regardless of what happens with the telecommuting, I'll never understand Yahoo's decision on that. I just hope they come to their senses again.


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