Affordable Beverly Hills Virtual Offices

Anyone who knows about real estate prices is fully aware that Beverly Hills contains some of the most outrageously priced housing and commercial properties in the world. For start-ups and small businesses, the costs are so prohibitive that few of them even think about renting office space there.

But - make no mistake there is money to be made in Beverly Hills. Its proximity to the west side of Los Angeles and Santa Monica also make it very easy to get to. I had an acquaintance who used to make a trek out there to scout new business - but it was rough for him. The hotels are ridiculously priced there so he never thought of having a meeting in any of them.

His fantasy was to one day be able to afford to rent out a hall to entice people to sign up for one of his seminars. He could have gotten a cheaper hotel space elsewhere, but he wanted to attract people who lived really near Beverly Hills. People in California are funny. The traffic is so bad they are not likely to go if they have to leave their own neighborhood, not even for a freebie!

Today, he could have afforded to have a virtual office in Beverly Hills - the only kind that is truly reasonable there. Prices for a virtual space start at around $75 a month and Davinci includes everything you could possibly want. You can even rent a room for just $30 an hour and have lunch ordered in, so you can avoid having to spend a fortune at a Beverly Hills restaurant and gas for that matter.

The best thing about a virtual office setup is the convenience. It's always on and ready. You don't have to hire and pay staff or worry about people calling in sick, something support staff are known to do.

Nothing really beats the prestige of a Beverly Hills office. Just think - a virtual office will give you that prominent address and they accept packages and walk-in clients. It's really about the only deal out there in that region!


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