Virtual Offices Are What Happens In Vegas

Most people love to visit Sin City - at least once. There is so much to do there - so even if you're not into gambling, you can enjoy the food and lively entertainment. It is also a great place to do business. Maybe since it can be such a fun environment.

But make no mistake. It takes a lot of money to keep those hotels, casinos, and other entertainment venues going. One of the great things about Vegas is that its progressive, rather loose attitude makes it easier for new businesses to get started.

Well, sort of. Now that I think about it, commercial rent is incredibly high. Gone are the days when you could get an entire vacation to Vegas for about what it costs for a nice dinner in L.A. Now that corporate America has gotten hold of it, there is nothing cheap about it.

But the low business and sales tax rates keep people coming, thanks to the casino and gaming industry. Another reason businesses like Vegas so much is they don't have all the same stifling rules other states have. But like I said before - because of all the development in Vegas, the commercial properties and rent have gotten sky high. You can't even find a cheap hotel room anymore unless it's in a place you'd rather not be!

One way businesses can get around the ridiculous rent in Vegas is virtual offices. For around $40, you get a high flying address for mail, packages, and clients. And wait, there's more! Someone will answer the phone -- a real live person if you want. The state of the art phone system will find you anywhere - that is, if you want them to. There are plenty of distracting activities to be found in Vegas, if you know what I mean. Otherwise, they'll take messages and you can answer those calls when you want.

Davinci also offers conference rooms in Vegas for around $15 an hour! You couldn't even get a fleabag motel room for that back in the day, let alone now!


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