Viva Virtual Offices Las Vegas!

Make no mistake - there is even more business going on in Las Vegas than people visiting may believe. All of those hotels, shows, and casinos depend upon it. In fact, starting a new business in Vegas still requires an infrastructure that says you are serious and established to prospective clients. No matter what business you happen to be in.

But entrepreneurs, as well as businesses desiring to expand will find that like anywhere else worth being in the country, it costs a pretty penny to get set up. The cost of renting space is one of the biggest bugaboos to get past. Add to that the cost of an assistant, office supplies, and equipment, and that nice office address becomes so far from affordable it can make you want to pack up your toys and go home. And many people do - as in work from home.

But now, there is hope! Hard to believe, but you can get a virtual office right on the strip for around $40 a month! They give you a nice mailing address where you can get mail and packages, and you can meet there for as little as $15 an hour. A live person will answer and forward calls or take messages.

Some of the other benefits include the ability to get faxes that will convert to text and e-mail and message notification. You can always be available to your clients, without well, being too available!

Most would expect to pay a King's ransom to have even just a few of these benefits at their disposal. But with a company like Davinci, all a business person needs is offered and provided consistently and without interruption.

Taking your business virtual will reduce office overhead so you can spend more time doing what you want to do - like things people who go on vacation to Vegas do! In fact, with a virtual office on your team, your only issue in Vegas will probably be avoiding all of the temptations of sin city! Not that you have to, but just sayin'.


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