Land a Virtual Office Job With Social Media, Mobile Technologies

TORONTO—Are you hoping to land a virtual office job in the New Year? Looking for more flexibility and better work-life balance?

According to a survey from TheLadders, there are several things a virtual office job seeker can do now to maximize their opportunities to land a virtual office job in the New Year. The Ladders surveyed more than 5 million members about their job search efforts. Virtual office job seekers can glean plenty of valuable information from the results of the survey.

For job-search success, preparation is paramount, and the way that potential employers perceive job candidates online can make or break one’s chances at landing an interview and, ultimately, a virtual office job. TheLadders offers five tips to prepare for your virtual office job hunt. We discussed the first two—mobilize your professional resume and overhaul your online brand—yesterday. Now, we’ll take a look at three more tips for virtual office job seekers.

1. Get Back to Basics with Social Media. It’s comforting that more than 80 percent of respondents feel “comfortable” or “somewhat comfortable” using social media in their job search. You don’t need to be an expert on every social media channel, but you must have a basic understanding of the big four—Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest—as you set out to find a virtual office job. Use these sites to strengthen your personal brand online, research target employers or industries, and uncover job opportunities.

2. Look the Part. While 65 percent of respondents in TheLadders survey assert that their online profile photos send the right message to potential employers, 12 percent admit that they do not, and 23 percent confess to not even having an online profile. If you are serious about finding a virtual office job, invest in your image both online and offline with a stylish yet budget-conscious haircut, updated clothes, and a professional headshot for your online profiles.

3. Get a Smarter Phone. Owning a smart phone can have a positive impact on the virtual office job search, according to 75 percent of respondents in TheLadders survey. Use a smart phone and the latest apps to actively search for jobs, even while on-the-go. Store a copy of your resume on your mobile device or tablet so that you can respond to recruiter requests immediately. Significantly, the signaling effect to employers is that you are comfortable with new technology.


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