Virtual Offices Highlighted During National Work and Family Month

NEW YORK-It’s National Work and Family Month—and flexible working is in the spotlight. A new report from FlexJobs is revealing the best career fields for work-life balance. The index includes virtual office jobs, flextime, telecommuting and part-time jobs.

“At FlexJobs, we are thrilled to support National Work and Family Month because the idea is at the very core of our daily work. I founded FlexJobs after trying my own experience trying to find work that would support a balance between work and family,” says Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs.

“Because our site lists only jobs that offer some type of work-life balance like telecommuting, part-time schedules, and flextime, we've been able to help over 300,000 job seekers in their search for work-life balance.”

So what are the most popular jobs with virtual office possibilities? Jobs in the medical and health sectors continue to lead the way as the most flexible jobs. That’s followed by customer service, administrative, education and training, and sales.

On the other hand, the career fields with the largest increases in potential virtual office positions in September were account management, communications, computer and IT, sales and education and training. It’s clear to see that these fields lend themselves to virtual office work.

“In celebrating National Work and Family Month, we hope to show professionals that they can find jobs that fit their lives, rather than struggling to fit their lives around their jobs.” says Fell. “Highlighting the huge variety of opportunities on FlexJobs will hopefully broaden the horizons of job seekers as well as employers.”

So whether you are looking for jobs where you can work from a virtual office in New York, a virtual office in Toronto, or a virtual office somewhere else, FlexJobs has the hookup on the jobs—and Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has the hookup on the virtual office technologies.


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