Could the Virtual Office Be Standard by 2020?

NEW YORK-We’ve been talking about the workplace of the future and how virtual offices fit into that mix. Citrix just rolled out a Workplace of the Future report that reveals 29 percent of people will no longer work from a traditional office by 2020. That means more flexible work options will abound, including virtual offices.

Indeed, employees will base themselves from various semi-permanent locations including the home (64 percent), field and project sites (60 percent), and customer or partner premises (50 percent). People are also expected to access corporate applications, data and services from locations such as hotels, airports, coffee shops and while in transit. This is all in line with the rise of the mobile worker and the virtual office space.

Globally, 24 percent of organizations have already fully adopted mobile workstyles. By the middle of 2014, 83 percent of organizations will have embraced mobile workstyles. Mobile workstyles have been adopted widely and rapidly because it offers a number of benefits:

1. Organizations benefit from workshifting—where people move work to more optimal times and locations—creates a more flexible, agile workplace (73 percent), lower employee-related costs (53 percent), reduce real estate costs (48 percent) and helps attract (47 percent) and retain (44 percent) top talent.

2. Employees benefit from workshifting with more flexibility (65 percent), increased personal productivity (62 percent), less commuting time (61 percent), and a better work/life balance (55 percent). It also helps them spend more time with customers (48 percent).

Ninety-six percent of organizations implementing mobile workstyles will invest in redesigning the workplace to create a more inspiring, collaborative and flexible environment equipped with the latest technology. Meanwhile, many employees will work from virtual offices in New York, LA, Miami or other cities where they live or travel.

“The result is a stronger organization, with high caliber people performing at their best,” says Mick Hollison, vice president, integrated marketing and strategy Citrix. “The technology to enable the workplace of the future is already available and proven, and plans for workplace redesign can easily be put in place. The real winners will be those that get the people management and culture right, to empower the workforce of the future."


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