Virtual Office Jobs Rising Despite US Hiring Slowdown

BOULDER, CO—Looking for a virtual office job this summer? You may be in luck. Despite disappointing reports of the U.S. adding only 69,000 jobs in May, FlexJobs reports a boost in flexible jobs, which include telecommuting, virtual office, part-time and other flexible positions. In fact, FlexJobs now lists more than 10,000 flexible jobs.

"For companies that may be on the fence about hiring, telecommuting jobs can provide big benefits such as a way to hire new employees and save on costs like overhead and real estate," says Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs. "This may explain why in a down market, FlexJobs continues to see an increase in open positions."

Which fields have the largest number of flexible job openings? In May, the industries most likely to offer virtual office jobs were, in this order, Medical & Health, Administrative, Customer Service, Education & Training, and Sales.

The top five fields that saw the largest increase in open positions from April to May were Science, Management, Research, Web & Software Development and Medical & Health.

"One similarity to the national employment report for May is the field of health care, where we've also seen steady growth in flexible medical and health jobs," says Fell.

So, if you are looking for a virtual office job, especially in one of the industries listed above, the time may be right to check out FlexJobs. Only professional jobs that can both be confirmed as legitimate and as having some kind of work flexibility—such as telecommuting, part-time or flexible schedule, or freelance contracts—are included in FlexJobs’ job database.


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