Why Do People Really Use Virtual Offices?

TORONTO—Have you ever wondered why people work in virtual offices? Microsoft Canada’s Flexible Workplace study offers some insight into why people choose to work remotely from virtual offices, coworking facilities, airport lounges, home offices and the like.

Specifically, the top reasons survey respondents cite for working remotely are:

48% need to finish work that couldn't be finished at the office
44% want fewer distractions
35% want to be more productive
35% want a better balance of work/home priorities

"You may dismiss this as a Generation-C issue but this speaks broadly to all generations,” says Carolyn Buccongello, vice president of Human Resources with Microsoft Canada. “There are pros and cons to this new way of work, but it is not going away and technology can become the key to resetting those boundaries."

According to Buccongello, there are three core dimensions to transforming business for flexible work:

1. Technology: With the advances technology, the ability to work any time, any place, from virtually anywhere shatters the myth of the office as the primary work location.

2. Places: Canadian workers are on the move from airports, other offices, commuting home on the train. They are becoming more fluid in terms of their physical presence.

3. People: Canadian modern society is shifting as technology becomes commonplace, enabling Canadians to work and communicate in different ways.

"To create a flexible workforce begins with leadership teams building a culture of trust and a vision that focuses on individual results rather than how much time they spend at their desk,” Buccongello says. “You have to empower your people with self-direction. That's not just common sense, that's business sense.”

Do you know what makes common sense and business sense? Virtual office space. Virtual office space can help you avoid distractions, finish work more quickly, and overall be more productive so you can find greater work-life balance. Davinci Virtual Office Space has virtual offices in Toronto and beyond to help you meet your goals.


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