Get the Balance Back In Your Career With a Virtual Office

NEW YORK-Are you out of balance in your career? That's the question Deborah Brown-Volkman, president of Surpass Your Dreams, is asking. As we explore this question and its answer, let's consider how a virtual office could help.

So, again, are you out of balance in your career? Brown-Volkman says you know you are when your career is all you think about; when you worry constantly about where your career is headed; and when you believe that you can't be happy until your career problems are solved.

"Balance is a tough concept is today's workplace. There are more demands, more stress, and more reasons to feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled by what you do. You may want to be balanced, but don't know where to start. Or, you may have tried, but balance seems to be this elusive concept you can't achieve," says Brown-Volkman. "Being out of balance from time to time is normal. But when your career takes over your life and becomes your sole focus, it's time to do something about it. Balance is important because it gives you the ability to see your situation clearly. Clarity brings focus. Focus brings options. Options bring solutions."

So how do you get back into balance? Volkman-Brown offers three steps: recognize that your career is only a slice of the pie, stop obsessing, and take your focus off your career. A virtual office can help you get back into balance.

For example, Brown-Volkman says when you focus solely on one aspect of your life, you lose perspective and when perspective is lost, so is hope and momentum. When you work from a virtual office you set yourself up for greater work-life balance. You are more productive because you aren't commuting. And you can workshift in response to emerging family needs, even something as simple as an morning recital at your daughter's elementary school.

With the stronger work-life balance that virtual offices can bring, you can stop obsessing over what you aren't getting done and get your mind on what you can do for others. "Life is about making a difference and helping others," Volkman-Brown says. "When you take the focus off yourself, that's when the miracles happen. Your career gets better when you get better and when you feel better about yourself."


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