How to Incorporate Humor Into the Virtual Office Work World

MENLO PARK, CA—Is it good to LOL at work? Let’s take it a step further … how about a good hearty ROTFL? In other words, how important is it to incorporate humor into the corporate culture?

According to a new survey from Accountemps, it seems pretty important. And I might add maybe even more so in a down economy and even more so when you work from virtual offices where your colleagues may not get a chance to know you as well through the less frequent contact.

The survey reveals that 79 percent of Chief Financial Officers said an employee's sense of humor is important for fitting into the company's corporate culture. CFOs were asked, "How important is an employee's sense of humor in him or her fitting into your company's corporate culture?" Their responses:

  • Very important: 22%

  • Somewhat important: 57%

  • Not at all important: 20%

  • Don't know/no answer: 1%

"Sometimes, a little levity goes a long way toward building rapport among colleagues and diffusing workplace tension. All work and no play can erode employee morale,” says Max Messmer, chairman of Accountemps and author of Managing Your Career For Dummies.

"Job candidates should let their personality shine when meeting prospective employers. The interview is no place for a standup comedy routine, but it is the right time to show hiring managers you are approachable and will be easy to work with."

OK, so humor is important in the workplace. And that goes for the virtual office worker too. In a world of e-mails, instant messages and Skype calls, showing your lighter side can help people to get to know the real you. A good laugh from your respective virtual offices can help the “bonding” process, as it were.

So whether you from a coworking facility or a virtual office space, lighten up now and again. Have a laugh—all in good taste, of course.


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