Should You Let Employees Work From Virtual Offices?

Should you let employees work from home? That’s the subject of an article in USA Today. It’s a question that more and more companies are asking as the virtual office trend continues gaining momentum.

A reader named Amy asked USA Today columnist Steve Strauss, a lawyer, author and speaker who specializes in small business and entrepreneurship, the following question:

“I have an employee who has asked me if she can work from home a couple of days a week. I know that this is obviously the trend in business, but I don't really like the idea. I like having my employees where I can see them. Am I wrong?”

How did Strauss answer? You can read the entire column for yourself, but I wanted to point out a few tidbits that are especially relevant to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations exploring the viability of alternative workplace strategies.

“Any business that is not figuring out how to take advantage of the technology/work/Internet/mobile revolution in such a way that at least allows their employees to telecommute on occasion is blowing it,” Strauss writes. He listed several benefits to support his point, including attracting a better class of employees, fostering a more productive work environment, and saving money.

Strauss then offered Amy four tips to “loosen the grip” and allow her employee to telecommute at home from a virtual office:

    1. Start slowly


    1. Have specific deliverables


    1. Have them check in


    1. Have them be available

All good tips. Strauss offers explanations for each of those four points that are worth checking out. In the meantime, if you need to discuss alternative workplace strategies with a trusted partner, consider contracting Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.


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