How to Navigate Google’s Changing Algorithms

SEO. It’s an acronym that wasn’t on the radar screen of most small businesses 10 years ago. But in an age when consumers are turning to search engines to find everything from products and services to news and various other types of information, you can’t afford not to put SEO, or search engine optimization, on your radar screen in a hurry.

Many companies large and small rely on behemoth Google for search engine marketing. But with its ever changing algorithms how can businesses adapt to SEO winning strategies? It begins by understanding how Google ticks. According to ThomasNet, a SEO press release distribution service firm, Google makes over 350 algorithm changes every year.

With 97 percents of industrial buyers beginning their OEM, MRO and services purchasing process online, ThomasNet experts say it is critical for SMB industrial companies to learn how to adapt their online marketing strategy—including their Web site, search engine marketing and search engine optimization—to minimize risks and maximize opportunities.

That’s why ThomasNet is recommending a free whitepaper called, "Reliance on Search Engine Optimization for Industrial SMBs is a Slippery Slope.” The white paper explains the four major Google algorithm changes since April 2010, outlines their impact to search results delivered on Google, reviews the implications of these changes to industrial businesses who promote themselves online, and provide recommendations for succeeding in the ever-changing world of online search.

No matter what industry your small business is in, you can glean some valuable insights into how to SEO your Web site and its content around Google algorithms in this white paper.

In the meantime, here are a four general SEO tips any small business can put into practice:

    1. Do your keyword research.


    1. Develop value-added content.


    1. Optimize for local search.


    1. See what keywords your competitors are using.

And here’s a video with some additional SEO insights:



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