New Web TV Series Gives Small Businesses Something to Laugh About

Now this is cool.

Have you ever felt like there are few who truly understand what you go through as a small business start-up trying to wear more hats than you can balance on your head? If so, a new scripted series called Leap Year may offer you some much needed comic relief.

You are probably familiar with this scene: You're thinking about starting your own business. There's a lot on your mind and the stakes are high.

    • Can I support a family without a company salary?


    • What happens if I'm the victim of technology theft?


    • How could inviting a colleague for drinks end in a lawsuit?

Those are the types of situations that you’ll get to laugh about in a new series commissioned by specialist small business insurer Hiscox. The series launched today on Hulu. There are 10 episodes in all that chronicle the highs and lows of five friends who make the proverbial 'leap' and go it alone in the wake of corporate downsizing.  You can catch a new installment each Monday.

"Hiscox's Leap Year chronicles the trials and successes that our small business customers experience every day,” says Kevin Kerridge, small business insurance expert at Hiscox. “We have been championing startups internationally for over five years so there's not much we haven't seen. The ups and downs in this series will resonate with small business owners, as well as make them laugh.”

The Leap Year series is part of a suite of content put together by Hiscox for startups and established small businesses which can be found on the Leap Year website. Content includes commentary on each episode from The Young Entrepreneur Council and startup stories featuring successful founders such as Pete Cashmore (Mashable), Scott Belsky (Behance), Adam Rich (Thrillist), Michael Lazerow (Buddy Media), Josh Williams (Gowalla) and David Karp (Tumblr).

Check out a trailer of the new series:



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