What Small Biz Can Learn from Charlie Sheen’s Social Media Blitz

Think what you want about Charlie Sheen. He’s dominating social media right now. The outspoken actor has surpassed Lady Gaga and President Obama in the realm of social networking followers.

Yes, Warner Bros. may have fired Sheen from his star role on “Two and a Half Men,” but the son of Martin Sheen is blowing up Twitter, mastering video and emerging as the talk of the Facebook world. Is there a social media lesson in all this for entrepreneurs? You bet.

Tell the world. At the time of this writing, Sheen has more than 2.3 million followers on Twitter—and he generated that number in a matter of days because he let the media world know he was tweeting. Your world may not be as big as Sheen’s, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell your world you are on Twitter. Post your Twitter handle or the little birdie on your Web site, your e-mail, online ads, and anywhere else you communicate with the public. Then tweet wisely.

Use hash tags. Sheen has got the hash tag game down pat. He promotes his videos on his tweets using the #Fastball hash tag, for example. A hash tag helps people searching Twitter find you based on the topic about which you are tweeting. If you are tweeting about a shoe sale, for example, you would put “#shoesale” at the end of your tweet.

Engage with your followers: If you want to build a relationship, you need to do more than push out social media messages. You need to talk back when people talk to you. That means you need to monitor your social media accounts.

If you don’t have a Twitter handle yet, get one now. Your brand name may already be taken, so you may have to get creative in choosing something that speaks about your brand. And, if you are too busy to keep up with your social media, do what Charlie Sheen is doing: hire an intern (or a virtual assistant).

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