Cut Travel Costs with a Virtual Office Space

I was reading an interesting article in the New York Times entitled, “11 Tricks to Cutting Travel Costs in 2011.” The Michelle Higgins piece offered some great advice, including shopping at private sales, buying on Tuesdays, avoiding roaming charges, and not paying to check a bag.

All good stuff.

But I had another idea. Call it the 12th way to cut travel costs—get a virtual office space. When you rent a virtual office space, you can tap into travel reducing technologies like web conferencing. Web conferences aren’t the cure all for every business meeting. But when there are blizzards in New York (like the one we just saw) a web conference can accomplish the dual goal of saving on travel costs and keeping the business meeting alive.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has a wide variety of virtual office space in New York City, for example. If you can’t get to your traditional office space, you can use a day office in one of our Manhattan locations. Many of those locations have video conferencing, the predecessor to web conferencing. But all of them have an Internet connection that would allow you to do web conferences on the fly.

So while this New York Times article is helpful in many ways to road warriors, a virtual office is perhaps more helpful for home-based entrepreneurs or small business owners with a distributed workforce. Rather than housing all your employees under one roof—or even setting up staff meetings at a common location—you small companies can tap into the power of web conferencing through Davinci Virtual Office Solutions and reduce both office expenses and travel time.


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