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Financial Planners Increasingly Use Virtual Office Space

About 20 percent of financial planning firms with between one and five employees offer telecommuting. And about 21 percent of financial planning firms with six to 30 employees and 27 percent of firms with 31 or more employees offer this alternative workplace strategy. So says the 2010-2011 Financial Planning Survey from the Financial Planning Association.

Those are points highlighted in an article in Financial Planning called, “... Read more

Cut Travel Costs with a Virtual Office Space

I was reading an interesting article in the New York Times entitled, “11 Tricks to Cutting Travel Costs in 2011.” The Michelle Higgins piece offered some great advice, including shopping at private sales, buying on Tuesdays, avoiding roaming charges, and not paying to check a bag.

All good stuff.

But I had another idea. Call it the 12th way to cut travel costs—get a Read more

Virtual Office Users Escape New York Blizzard

Thousands of travelers are snowed in during a Northeast blizzard that has dumped more than two feet of snow on New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and other states in the region.

Flights have been grounded. Bus lines have stopped. So have trains and taxis. Even the subway system in Manhattan came to a halt at some points. With winds up to 80 mph, many are stuck at home for a white post-Christmas.

But business doesn’t have to come to...

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New Yorkers Stressed Out About Money

Money and the economy are stressing New Yorkers, with each equally likely to be mentioned as a leading cause of stress in New York City.

New Yorkers are also more likely than Americans overall to cite the economy, personal health concerns, and housing costs as significant sources of stress.

Seventy-five percent of New York City residents cite the economy as a stressor, compared to 65 percent nationally, according to a survey rel...

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Get Closer to Manhattan with a White Plains Virtual Office

White Plains is more than a strategic location for your business—it’s a cost-effective one.

Think about it. White Plains is just 25 miles north of Manhattan. This and other features makes White Plains one of the top suburban office markets in the nation. When you set up shop in White Plaines, you’re in a gateway city to both New York and New England, as well as other northeastern cities. And you are less than one hour away from four majo...

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