London Snow Storm Highlights Needs for Virtual Office Technologies

BBC News reports that almost 25 percent of schools across the United Kingdom have been shut down by heavy snow. In total, 7,000 schools have closed down—some for the third day in a row. What’s more, London’s Gatwick airport, the second busiest in the United Kingdom, has seen shut downs. Edinburgh and London City also shut down for a period.

Few were expecting it. In fact, this is the earliest such snowfall since 1993. Roads are frozen. Traffic is hectic. Buses were pulled from service. The tubes are crowded or stalled. And there’s no immediate end in sight. British Weather Services predict the icy weather will last at least through Dec. 8.

This is where virtual office technologies come in handy. Virtual office space and virtual office technologies help professionals continue working when they have to stay home with kids who attend schools that have been shut down, can’t drive on icy roads, and can’t fly out of local airports. Indeed, virtual office space can keep the economy moving despite the weather.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers many virtual office locations across the United Kingdom and Europe. Specifically, Davinci offers virtual office solutions in Birmingham, Harrow, Heathrow, London, Manchester, Reading and Edinburgh. In fact, Davinci offers nine virtual office locations in London alone.

Let’s take a look at the Southampton Row London virtual office location. You can rent virtual office space at this location for as little as $115 a month. This is a prime business address in London where you can continue receiving your mail despite the weather. This virtual office location will forward your mail to you wherever you are in the world for a nominal fee. And when it’s not snowing, you can access business support services there. There’s also a lobby greeter and you can even rent a conference room on demand.

Check out his video on the current conditions of London’s snow-in.



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