Federal Employees Love Virtual Office Space

Federal employees are chomping at the bit to work from home. A whopping 93 percent of federal employees believe telecommuting would making working for the government more desirable. So says a recent study from FedScoop.

What’s more, the survey reveals that federal employees believe telecommuting would save them time and money. Specifically, 69 percent said telecommuting would boost productivity while 76 percent said it would improve their overall quality of life. Forty-six percent said telecommuting would allow them to spend more time with family while 71 percent said it would decrease their carbon footprint. Eighty-four percent said telecommuting would save them time.

Telecommuting is clearly gaining momentum—and it can gain a more professional business image (or in this case federal government image) with the use of virtual office space. Virtual office space allows federal workers to enjoy all the benefits of telecommuting without compromising a professional profile. Virtual office technologies like Cisco WebEx allow federal workers to connect with other employees online, while technologies like Skype make instant messaging—even instant video chat—quick and easy.

Although there are security issues around the federal government—President Barack Obama had to get a hardened BlackBerry to prevent leaks—most federal employees don’t need the level of security that would prevent them from telecommuting. Virtual office technologies can be run behind firewalls for added protection, and employee education can prevent issues like data loss.

At the end of the day, the FedScoop survey seems to point to the value of virtual office technologies for what appears to be an emerging trend: telework for federal workers.

Davinci Virtual offers seven virtual office space options for federal employees or others who need a Washington, D.C. address. You can choose from two D.C. virtual offices on Pennsylvania Ave. or a virtual office on Connecticut Ave. You can also select D.C. virtual offices on 12th Street, I Street NWW, 16th Street, or G Street.

Want to learn more about Washington, D.C.? Watch this YouTube video before you travel there:



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