Davinci Virtual Office Avoids London Underground Chaos

Three million passengers were affected when London Underground workers organized a strike on Tuesday. The Rail Maritime and Transport Union and the Transport Salaried Staff Association were protesting London Underground’s plans to slash 800 jobs, mostly in the ticket offices. The motive was to paralyze London.

Indeed, the strike by London Underground staff brought chaos and misery to the capital's commuters on Tuesday. But employees of the more than 1,500 London businesses using Davinci virtual office space were kicking back and enjoying a virtual commute to the office.

"Customer service and responsiveness is king and a flexible business setup is crucial to servicing them, as now more than ever if you can't service them someone else certainly will," says Davinci's UK managing director, Steve Golding.

"In these 24 hours of transport chaos how many calls have gone unanswered? How many opportunities were lost costing UK Plc millions? The move towards more modern telecommunications software has made the need for a physical commute largely irrelevant. So, whilst commuters jostle for space at bus stops, taxi stands and railway platforms across London, the more dynamic members of the business community will be doing their commuting on-line, and using virtual personal assistants and staffing solutions."

Britain's growing army of small businesses and sole-traders who prefer to work from the comfort of the home office use virtual offices to give them a virtual presence at a prestigious business address, while enjoying the benefits of mail and telephone answering services at the fraction of a cost of having a serviced office, or full time employees.

Davinci Virtual has nine virtual office facilities locations in London, including Charlotte Street London, Great Titchfield London, Margaret Street London, Regent Street London, Southampton Row London, Hammersmith London, Victoria London, Austin Friars London and Grove House.

Each of these locations offer entrepreneurs a prime business address, mail and package support, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter, a convenient drop off and pick up location for clients, and mail forwarding and shipping services. Entrepreneurs can also gain access to a conference room at an hourly rate for client presentations.

Check out this video on the London Underground strike:



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