Toronto Virtual Offices Boost Business

In a business world that’s gone global, Canada’s multicultural workforce is a boon for international firms. Add to that a catalogue of world-class higher education achievements, affordable, skilled labor, low turnover and universal healthcare policies and it is easy to appreciate why Canada attracted nearly $30 billion in foreign direct investment in 2005. And Toronto is at the heart of the action.

Canada’s labor advantages begin with its focus on education. When it comes to educational investment, Canada is at the top of the spending list and its investment is bringing measurable returns. More than half of Canadians ages 25 to 35 boast a post-secondary education, according to the 2006 IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook. Canada’s progressive immigration policies are also adding to its allure in a global marketplace. Again, Toronto is a vital city in Canada’s grand scheme.

Indeed, the world’s most successful cities are global talent magnets, and Toronto is among them. But you don’t need to relocate your business to Toronto in order to leverage these benefits. You can simply rent a virtual office space, which gives you a prestigious business address, a local or 800 phone number, and much more.

Renting a virtual office in Toronto is smart business if you want to do business globally.  Davinci Virtual offers two Toronto virtual office locations to choose from:

The Toronto Star Building is located at 1 Yonge Street in Toronto. You can rent a virtual office at this Toronto location for just $75 a month.

The Waterpark Business Center is in Downtown Toronto at 20 Bay Street. You can rent a virtual office there for just $95 a month.

Both virtual office locations offer the opportunity to rent conference rooms and day offices, as well as lobby directly listing, mail forwarding and shipping services, client drop off and pick up options, a business support center and more.

So whether you are just launching a business in Toronto or need an international headquarters, consider how a virtual office space can allow you to enter into this global market for pennies on the dollar. With a world class labor force there, you can get up and running with telecommuters in the Ontario region quickly.

Check out this video about Toronto, the commercial capital of Ontario:



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