Davinci Virtual Customers Get Chatty with New Services

Remember when Davinci Virtual rolled out its Live Web Chat? It seems like it was only yesterday. In fact, it was less than four months ago. It officially came to Market in February. Well, apparently we hit a nerve.

In less than four months, Davinci Virtual has reached the 100 customer mark for the Live Web Chat service. That means we added almost one Live Web Chat customer every single day for the last four months.

Bill Grodnik, president and CEO of Davinci Virtual, says he's very pleased with the initial acceptance levels of the new service.

"Our clients truly see the value of adding Davinci's live Web chat application to their Web site instead of just hosting an expensive online brochure in cyberspace," Grodnik says. "There is no business without websites anymore. Companies need to monetize their web traffic aggressively and Davinci has the most cost effective solution to do so.”

In case you aren’t familiar with Live Web Chat service, here’s how it works: Our live representatives engage in a "Live Chat" with your Web site visitors as they are viewing your Web site. Well-trained Davinci Virtual chat agents invite visitors to chat, offer customer service and convert your Web traffic into leads or sales for you! We then instantly send you any relevant chat info to your cell phone and/or e-mailed so you can follow up.

At just $49 a month, it’s easy to see why Davinci Virtual is signing up almost a customer every day on this new program. It’s also the perfect compliment to the virtual office system, including an 800 number, prestigious business address and virtual receptionist.


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