Virtual Offices Keep Your Home Office Safer, More Secure

Listen up road warriors. The International Agency for Research on Cancer is reporting findings on its latest study about the safety of cell phones. The study has reopened the global debate on the connection between cell phones and brain cancer.

"The study doesn't reveal an increased risk, but we can't conclude that there is no risk because there are enough findings that suggest a possible risk," the study's chief author, Elisabeth Cardis, told AFP.

If you are a heavy traveler and rely on your cell phone to do business while on the run, these kinds of studies can breed fear. This debate is likely to rage on for some time. What’s not debatable is the safety of a virtual office. In fact, using a virtual office can make your home-based business safer because you don’t have to give our your home address and phone number. Virtual offices offer privacy and security.

With a virtual office, you get an 800 number or local phone number your clients call in. That number can be forwarded to your home phone, your cell phone, or anywhere else you need to receive calls, whether you are in Atlanta, Philadelphia, or some other city in the world. Therefore, no one ever has to know that you are away from home.

Likewise, a virtual office gives you a prestigious business address. That means you don’t need to share your home address with clients, even for billing purposes. Your mail will be collected by Davinci Virtual and you can have it forwarded to wherever you are in the world. It’s an advantage over a P.O. Box and it’s less expensive than maintaining a postal service box with another party.

With a virtual office, you also get a myriad of other benefits and the ability to tap into amenities that can help you work smarter, faster and more efficiently, all while maintaining the privacy and security. So as the debate about the safety of cell phone usage continues, keep in mind what you can keep safe: your home-based business.

You can watch this video on the cell phone cancer debate and decide for yourself:



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