Virtual Assistants and the Healthcare Bill Debate

The House of Representatives on Sunday night approved legislation that aims to give every American access to medical care. The highly-controversial bill was passed with a near unanimous vote.

Although the Democrats designed the healthcare bill to preserve the employer-based healthcare system through which most workers get insurance, a federal law would mandate large employees provide workers with health benefits as a matter of course.

If the healthcare bill passes the Senate and President Barack Obama signs it, how will this affect your company? The answer is less, if you use virtual assistants. Most virtual assistants aren’t full-time employees, which means they government does not require you to provide them with health insurance.

Under the current healthcare bill, individuals would be required to buy insurance. That means virtual assistants would carry the cost of their own insurance, or if you hire a company like Davinci Virtual to provide virtual assistants that company would be responsible for dealing with the health insurance issues.

Virtual assistants can alleviate administrative burdens by handling tasks such as Internet research, billing, travel planning, project management, meeting planning and many other tasks. When you use a virtual assistant, you are basically sharing a secretary with other companies – but you aren’t paying for a full-time employee, payroll taxes, benefits or insurance.


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