More Top Twitter Tips for Your Virtual Assistant

If you read my last column – and if you shared it with your virtual assistant – the you should be well on your way to tweeting effectively. With some of the fundamentals out of the way, let's look at a few more Twitter tips that your virtual assistant can put to good use.

Share pictures

You probably know you can post photos to Facebook, but did you know your VA can share photos on Twitter? You can with a services like Twitpic, Tweetphoto and Twitgoo. Granted, 140 characters can only say a few words, but you can share photos that will speak thousands of words about your products and services with these tools.

Add hashmarks to your tweets
If you want to raise the volume on your tweets by making it easier for people to find your posts, tell your virtual assistant to add hashmarks to your tweets. Here's how it works: Just put the "#" symbol in front of your subject. So if you are writing about virtual offices, you would put #virtualoffices at the end of your post to signal the Twitter search engine to categorize your tweet.

Tweet from a smartphone
If your virtual assistant is on the run, they can still keep up with Twitter posts on many smartphones. Blackberries and iPhones have special Twitter applications that let you log on to the microblogging platform and execute your social media strategy.

Tweet from a desktop client
Just like your virtual assistant can send tweets from a smartphone, she can also tweet from a desktop client that makes it much easier to manage the responses and even engage in conversation with others who follow your brand. Check out Twhirl, TwitterFox and TweetDeck, three of the more popular applications.

Use the @ symbol strategically
If you want to send a public reply to another Twitter user's tweet, just use the @ symbol in front of that person's Twitter handle. Even if you aren't following that person, the message will still get to them. Your virtual assistant might want to do this to make an introduction or start up a conversation in the Twitterverse.


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