Can a Virtual Receptionist Boost Your Customer Service?

Word of mouth marketing can be a boon for business – assuming the words from your customers' mouths shed a positive light on your products, services and employees. Assuring positive word of mouth marketing means creating a positive customer experience based strongly on customer service.

With that in mind, consider your phone presence. When potential or existing customers call your business, how are they greeted? Or are they typically met with an answering machine because you are too busy to answer the phone? If you want to ensure your customers are greeted professionally every time they call, a virtual receptionist can help. A virtual receptionist can answer your dedicated phone line with a customized greeting that makes your customers feel welcome.

Indeed, a virtual receptionist can help give your customers confidence that they are getting the answers they need when they need them. Virtual receptionists are trained to handle appointment-setting and message-taking, as well as answer simple questions about your company, such as address or hours of operation. A friendly virtual receptionist can make the difference between a satisfied customer or a lost sale.

Whether you work from a large office building or a home office, a virtual receptionist could be the solution to your quest for better customer service – and for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist to man your phones. Especially if you are already using a virtual office, a virtual receptionist is the next natural step as your business call volume grows.


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