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Outsource with Virtual Offices

Depending on who you are, outsourcing has been a bitter pill to swallow. I know I wouldn't appreciate it if my job was outsourced to India or China. But outsourcing can actually be a good thing - especially for an entrepreneur.

Virtual offices are becoming more common every day, as new start-ups and entrepreneurs begin what I like to call venture adventures. Every new business is like going on a new ride at an amusement park. You think you know about it just from watching from the sidelines - but when you get on board -- wooooah! You go through hoops that can just literally make your head spin.

Some people really dig that sense of freedom you get from the unknown. For me, a little of that goes a long way. I like to have fun, don't get me wrong. But I want to know I'll still be alive at the end of it. As long as I know that, I'm cool.

It used to be that the one thing start-ups and entrepreneurs lacked more than the big companies was certainty. But we know what happened to that theory.

It never made sense to me when large corporations insisted the only way they could stay in business was to outsource all those jobs that people in the country trained for so many years to do. It's more like they need to do it so they could buy that yacht or summer home. Nothing wrong with that, but as Judge Judy has said - Don't pee on my leg and then tell me it's raining.

When businesses use virtual offices, it helps them grow - and that's a really great thing. Start-ups can have complete office services provided virtually like live call answering and order taking. Seamless virtual forwarding and reception services save on costs and that is what allows them to grow. As you can see, outsourcing doesn't have to be bad to be good.

With virtual offices, new businesses can be more of an exciting thrill ride that actually pays off, rather than makes your stomach turn!


Virtual Offices Find Their Way to San Jose!

Do you know the way to San Jose? My friend usually takes that brutal 101 freeway. It has a pretty route - but boy, the traffic! But San Jose is a great town for small businesses. The weather, the nice folks, what's not to like?

I guess the only thing I can think of is the cost of living and doing business there is expensive, too. The sun belt has always cost more, no matter if vacationing, living or working.

A friend of mine really wanted to have an office there so he didn't have to sit in all the gnarly traffic back to L.A. But the cost of doing it shut down that idea. His rent and expenses in L.A. alone were killing him.

Then he found out about virtual offices. At first he was a little sceptical thinking that automating everything would hurt his business. But once he found out what was included, he got really pumped.

His lease in L.A. was about to end, so he made the decision to go virtual. The money he saved on the lease alone made it easy for him to get a virtual office in San Jose, too.

His business operations actually ran more smoothly, because the state of the art phone system was better than the one he'd had. He also didn't need to pay office staff salaries any more. But he still had access to full business services and a live person answering his phone. They send him faxes and forward calls to where ever he happens to be. He travels a lot so this is a great thing for him and something he didn't really have before.

He just can't believe he has two offices for less than it cost for one. Having a presence in San Jose did a lot to expand his business. The new clients and connections boosted his company to heights he always wondered if he could reach.

Opening multiple offices has opened up doors for my friend that would never have been possible - without virtual offices!


Virtual Offices Can Use Tampa Events for Promotion

Going green is all the rage these days. Tampa is a place that has embraced becoming more eco-friendly - both for citizens and businesses. The city regularly hosts many events to teach people how to be more environmentally responsible.

For example, the Tampa Bay Sierra Club encourages folks to go native as they say - on its annual Earth Day. No, it's not about going naked. Really, it isn't. The theme is meant to promote using native plants in urban landscapes. Now, isn't that nicer than what you may have thought?!

The event typically features almost 100 different vendors in its celebration with green services and goods. One way a new business could really benefit from this kind of event is to have a virtual office. It would give it the cache it needs to make a difference and get a ton of attention for doing it!

Just think of all the exhibitors, community groups, and public to connect with! Most businesses demonstrate their products and services, so a business with a virtual office could use this as an opportunity to promote whatever it is they offer -- just by dovetailing it with their mode of business operations!

There is bound to be a ton of public, even non-profits, at these things that could use your products and services, too.

Another Earth Day event in Tampa is the one at the Performing Arts Center. Since they focus on the arts, any business affiliated with or interested in promoting the arts could do well to attend this event.

EarthFest has an annual theme and uses puppets, costumes, signs, music, songs, stories, poetry, and dancing to entertain and enlighten.

The Florida Aquarium in Tampa is also another place that really draws a big crowd for Earth Day. Its celebration includes living creature displays and features lots of eco-friendly vendors. There are also a variety of special environmental shows and tours to participate in.

Businesses with a virtual office could quite easily double or triple their business presence in Tampa, just by showing up to one of these fun events!

Virtual Offices Save Moola

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business of all sizes face today is their budget. Just look at all the layoffs and business closures. CFOs today have their hands full just trying to make payroll, let alone pay overheard.

This is why so many companies have decided to go virtual. For start-ups, an office in the cloud is an outstanding way to get into the game. Leasing is expensive no matter where you go. Even crappy neighborhoods charge high rents, thanks to the near stagnant commercial real estate market that always seems to drive rents up.

The number of expenses alone small business owners need to pay make it imperative to cut those costs and keep them as minimal as possible. When you think about it, office space costs can make anyone's head spin - from furniture to decorating, receptionists, and telephone costs, just to name a few.

Virtual office spaces don't have those costs. You don't have to pay high rent and then think about all that window dressing in the way of furniture and receptionists. That's because a virtual office gives you live call answering and forwarding. Even though you can get a prestigious address in a pricey part of town, it doesn't cost anywhere near what it does for a regular office.

Imagine how easy it is to run a business when you don't really have to run it. That is, you don't have to fritter away time on routine stuff. Someone else does that for you. For starters, they answer and forward phone calls live - not with a robo assistant. They also take orders and handle and forward mail and packages.

The only utilities you pay are the ones to run your computer! Virtual offices wind up saving business owners’ time, too. Whether you have a start-up, small to medium business, or even a larger one, everyone must cut costs these days. Without the worry of balancing that ever increasing overhead office budget, you can tend to more important things like business development on the golf course!


Go Green with Philadelphia Virtual Offices!

Some of the best things in place for new and existing businesses in Philadelphia are all the incentives for them to go green. No matter what size a company or industry a business is in, they can all benefit in many ways by going green.

What many new business owners are finding out is how easy it is to become more environmentally responsible and save a lot of dough at the same time. Virtual offices give businesses everything they need to run efficiently - in fact, more so in a lot of ways. Because the services run continually, there is no worry about staff or the costs associated with them.

For under $100 each month, a virtual office provides a professional business address, which is essential for attracting the kind of clientele a company needs in order to get its footing. They also have every type of business service imaginable at the ready. A live receptionist will take calls, messages, and forward them to where ever you are. You can have mail delivered at the address and then forwarded for just a little more.

By running a virtual office, businesses also have access to the Sustainable Business Network that offers ways for firms to measure and benchmark environmental and social performance. The reason this matters is that by evaluating a company's impact, it could also qualify them for funding and other incentives.

Philadelphia's Green Training Index provides over sixty eco-friendly education and training programs for companies. This can really help them leverage all of the many support possibilities for new businesses. By networking with this powerful group, entrepreneurs can double and triple their business exposure. That's worth more than any fancy advertising campaign.

Best of all, going green saves a bundle for companies in so many ways that it is hard to recount all of them. It's one of those things that kind of grows like a big tree and then sprouts into more trees.

With all those green incentives, the City of Brotherly Love is a great place to open an office -- especially a virtual one!