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Phoenix Growth Fosters Virtual Offices

Those who are not particularly fond of cold weather often choose Phoenix as a west coast alternative. It is just less costly to live and do business there. But despite the business growth in Phoenix, with more anticipated, it is not considered likely that they will exactly be hiring droves of people.

That's probably a good thing for the entrepreneur and here's why. First, smaller businesses will be more attractive to the existing work force. It won't take scads of benefits to get people to consider working with a smaller shop. It's kind of like the real estate meltdown in that without banks lending - landlords have seen an influx in tenants. Sad, but true. You gotta live somewhere!

Same holds true for business. If there are fewer jobs, people are more inclined to start businesses. At least, the industrious ones. The rest of the folks need to find jobs - and they won't be so picky. It used to be that small businesses could not compete at all with large firms in terms of salaries and benefits. But things have changed, because they don't need to! Gotta love that.

Still, how does a small business make it with overhead these days? Phoenix costs less than the rest of the west coast, but it still ain't cheap. Unless you get a virtual office! With that, you get a business address for mail and packages, phone answering system and more for around $75 a month. You can also have a live person answer your calls for a little more. You can interview prospective employees in a state of the art office for the bargain basement rate of around $25 an hour. You can attract a much better work force in a meeting room than you ever will at a Starbucks.

So instead of sitting around waiting for jobs to happen -- make a business happen. As they say, there is no better time like the present. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions can help make it really happen - all you gotta do is pick a spot and do it!


Virtual Offices Are What Happens In Vegas

Most people love to visit Sin City - at least once. There is so much to do there - so even if you're not into gambling, you can enjoy the food and lively entertainment. It is also a great place to do business. Maybe since it can be such a fun environment.

But make no mistake. It takes a lot of money to keep those hotels, casinos, and other entertainment venues going. One of the great things about Vegas is that its progressive, rather loose attitude makes it easier for new businesses to get started.

Well, sort of. Now that I think about it, commercial rent is incredibly high. Gone are the days when you could get an entire vacation to Vegas for about what it costs for a nice dinner in L.A. Now that corporate America has gotten hold of it, there is nothing cheap about it.

But the low business and sales tax rates keep people coming, thanks to the casino and gaming industry. Another reason businesses like Vegas so much is they don't have all the same stifling rules other states have. But like I said before - because of all the development in Vegas, the commercial properties and rent have gotten sky high. You can't even find a cheap hotel room anymore unless it's in a place you'd rather not be!

One way businesses can get around the ridiculous rent in Vegas is virtual offices. For around $40, you get a high flying address for mail, packages, and clients. And wait, there's more! Someone will answer the phone -- a real live person if you want. The state of the art phone system will find you anywhere - that is, if you want them to. There are plenty of distracting activities to be found in Vegas, if you know what I mean. Otherwise, they'll take messages and you can answer those calls when you want.

Davinci also offers conference rooms in Vegas for around $15 an hour! You couldn't even get a fleabag motel room for that back in the day, let alone now!


Virtual Offices Are Socially Responsible

Long before saving the environment became a crusade for many, corporate responsibility was a concept companies of all sizes were embracing. When it comes to being socially responsible, the ecology has become a cause celebre wagon citizens across the world have jumped on. And not just because it's cool.

Sure, being socially responsible is hip in today's society. But before anyone gets altruistic, it is also a great way to save a lot of money. For real. Just ask the firms who put money into developing their eco-friendly personas. No one should be naive enough to think that the only reason companies - particularly large ones - become socially responsible is because it is the right thing to do.

For instance, adopting virtual office systems not only saves on costs, but it can be used as ripe marketing fodder. Just like the Pied Piper - many people will follow a firm that touts and promotes social causes. Companies know this, so they do good and then they promote it.

Another way smart organizations and businesses use technology is by having virtual offices. Not only do they reduce carbon footprints, but they save on costs. Who knows, perhaps businesses will be in a better position to keep more jobs right here in the good 'ole U-S of A. How about that?! Now that would be phenomenally socially responsible!


Virtual Los Angeles

Los Angeles has always been known as one of the more progressive work environments in the nation. Neighboring Silicon Valley with all of its tech start-ups did a lot to boost this image.

Communication is the one key factor to any business success. For small businesses, regardless of their industry, they really must make the most of every technological advancement possible. This is not only true to compete, but also necessary just to survive.

As legend has it, many tech start-ups began in an upstart's garage. Since the start of the virtual world was actually being invented back in those days, it's no surprise. College dorms became another haven for what turned into the behemoths that became Microsoft, Apple, most recently, Facebook, and countless others.

Los Angeles is a place where rent is sky high making it cost prohibitive for a start-up to get an office. No one I know starting out has the capital to sign a commercial lease - even in the most rundown part of town. And who would want to be there anywhere? It's not like you will attract many clients in that part of town; that is for sure.

Like it or not, Los Angeles can also be much more shallow than other regions. The entertainment industry is permeated into everything there -- just about everyone I know in L.A. is either working in entertainment, trying to be in movies, or works in a business that supports entertainment.

In fact, a lawyer friend of mine just struck out on his own as - drum roll - an entertainment lawyer. It's easy to do that out there, especially for contract law. Of course, he did not have the funds to sign a commercial lease, so he was considering paying through the nose for a room within another law firm. But he had no access to anything other than the receptionist - and she let all his calls go to voicemail!

So I hooked him up with a virtual office in Los Angeles for around $60 a month. The receptionist not only answers calls, but greets clients and gets the mail, too!


Orlando Virtual Offices Cost Less

Anyone thinking to start a business or even to expand into the Orlando area should think about having a virtual office. Rather than managing a traditional office, you can get full featured office services at a fraction of the cost. In fact, fraction is an understatement. Especially when you consider the cost of doing business in Florida.

Orlando is one of those towns that appeals to many types of people. The snow birds love it to get away from old man winter. Tourists flock there year round for vacations. This makes it great for business, too, because someone needs to service all those tourists.

But there are serious businesses there, too. Okay, serving tourists is just as serious, but you know what I mean. At least, I hope you do. Those serious businesses cost a lot to manage. In fact, any business costs a lot to manage, even those just trying to be serious. In fact, those cost even more, since there are no loss leaders to fall back on.

Save yourself some green and opt for the less traditional, yet very serious option of running your business: Go virtual. Virtual office spaces need no maintenance. There is no housekeeping, staff or utilities to pay for. All of the services are included or easy to add on for minimum cost as desired.

You get the flexibility and all the space you need to spread out whenever you need to. It’s that simple, because virtual offices are designed so they are ready for anything. You also save time that would be spent negotiating a lease. You also have to pay a lawyer to negotiate the lease - what a headache!

With virtual offices from Davinci, anyone in Orlando can afford a great address with mail and phone services - and even a receptionist. They also have the best and most state of the art offices and conference rooms to use whenever needed. You also get access to all the stuff the big guys get: large, fully functional meeting rooms, and all the office equipment you can possibly need! Rooms to rent start at $20. That's less than a decent lunch for two!