Live Virtual Receptionists & Healthcare: Merging The Two Industries Together

Customer service is a key component of the healthcare industry. Given the nature of the industry, a person’s health, it comes as no surprise that patients and family members often have various questions for their medical providers; whether it is about making an appointment, scheduling treatment, dealing with insurance, or renewing a prescription. 

Answering phone calls in the healthcare industry is no small, nor easy task. And because sometimes the topic of conversation is sensitive, doctors and medical organizations often need to rely on highly trained and qualified individuals. Additionally, some clinics tend to offer after hours call services; which meant that hiring the right staff is a tough challenge. 

Luckily, Live Virtual Receptionists have made a splash in the healthcare industry; making it easier and cost friendly for medical practitioners and organizations to offer excellent customer service, at all times of the day.

Live virtual receptionists can seamlessly merge with the healthcare industry by becoming an integral part of a company or practitioners’ customer relations team. The nature of virtual receptionists will allow those in the healthcare industry to handle a higher volume of calls and respond to these calls 24/7 without compromising the quality of the of customer care. 

When people are sick or not feeling their best, they want to make sure that their questions are being taken seriously and that someone is actively engaged in catering to their requests. For this reason, virtual receptionists are a strategic operations solution for those in healthcare. Additionally, virtual receptionists are trained to answer phone calls professionally and with a personalized brand message- and schedule appointments on behalf of the patient when appropriate.

It’s also worth noting that live virtual receptionists decrease the amount of time that callers spend on hold, which translates into added-value for patients; especially in a world were nationally 80% of calls are answered within 20 seconds. 

Virtual receptionist services can be hired to answer calls with personalized greetings, messages, and scheduling. They decrease the amount of time callers spend on hold, and more importantly, callers won’t be greeted by automated machines. Moreover, virtual receptionists make it easier to do quality control and monitor the state of your customer care, as all phone calls are recorded and those hiring the service can make sure that their calls are being handled in the best manner possible and that requests are followed-up with by the right person. 

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions strives to be #1 in providing our clients with a professional team of dedicated receptionits. We know every call is important, especially to a patient inquiring or needing to schedule an appointement. Let Davinci help you! Check out or benefits for Live Receptionist Services. 


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