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Virtual Offices Save Moola

DVO_week11_2One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business of all sizes face today is their budget. Just look at all the layoffs and business closures. CFOs today have their hands full just trying to make payroll, let alone pay overheard.

This is why so many companies have decided to go virtual. For start-ups, an office in the cloud is an outstanding way to get into the game. Leasing is expensive no matter where you go. Even crappy neighborhoods charge high rents, thanks to the near stagnant commercial real estate market that always seems to drive rents up.

The number of expenses alone small business owners need to pay make it imperative to cut those costs and keep them as minimal as possible. When you think about it, office space costs can make anyone's head spin - from furniture to decorating, receptionists, and telephone costs, just to name a few.

Virtual office spaces don't have those costs. You don't have to pay high rent and then think about all that window dressing in the way of furniture and receptionists. That's because a virtual office gives you live call answering and forwarding. Even though you can get a prestigious address in a pricey part of town, it doesn't cost anywhere near what it does for a regular office.

Imagine how easy it is to run a business when you don't really have to run it. That is, you don't have to fritter away time on routine stuff. Someone else does that for you. For starters, they answer and forward phone calls live - not with a robo assistant. They also take orders and handle and forward mail and packages.

The only utilities you pay are the ones to run your computer! Virtual offices wind up saving business owners’ time, too. Whether you have a start-up, small to medium business, or even a larger one, everyone must cut costs these days. Without the worry of balancing that ever increasing overhead office budget, you can tend to more important things like business development on the golf course!

Go Green with Philadelphia Virtual Offices!

PHILADELPHIASome of the best things in place for new and existing businesses in Philadelphia are all the incentives for them to go green. No matter what size a company or industry a business is in, they can all benefit in many ways by going green.

What many new business owners are finding out is how easy it is to become more environmentally responsible and save a lot of dough at the same time. Virtual offices give businesses everything they need to run efficiently - in fact, more so in a lot of ways. Because the services run continually, there is no worry about staff or the costs associated with them.

For under $100 each month, a virtual office provides a professional business address, which is essential for attracting the kind of clientele a company needs in order to get its footing. They also have every type of business service imaginable at the ready. A live receptionist will take calls, messages, and forward them to where ever you are. You can have mail delivered at the address and then forwarded for just a little more.

By running a virtual office, businesses also have access to the Sustainable Business Network that offers ways for firms to measure and benchmark environmental and social performance. The reason this matters is that by evaluating a company's impact, it could also qualify them for funding and other incentives.

Philadelphia's Green Training Index provides over sixty eco-friendly education and training programs for companies. This can really help them leverage all of the many support possibilities for new businesses. By networking with this powerful group, entrepreneurs can double and triple their business exposure. That's worth more than any fancy advertising campaign.

Best of all, going green saves a bundle for companies in so many ways that it is hard to recount all of them. It's one of those things that kind of grows like a big tree and then sprouts into more trees.

With all those green incentives, the City of Brotherly Love is a great place to open an office -- especially a virtual one!

Virtual Offices Support Seattle Entrepreneurs

DVO_week10_3Many people do not know that Seattle happens to be one of the most highly educated of all the cities in the U.S. Perhaps that is part of the reason why it also has such a high median income to low unemployment ratio.

According to statistics, there are 12.5 businesses per each 100 residents. I'll never figure out these kinds of .5 statistics. How do you have half of a business? My favorite one is the 2.5 kids thing. I guess you could have half a business, but it's just not possible to have half a person!

Seattle is also a very entrepreneurial town and welcomes new businesses. Organizations like the Chamber of Commerce has panels and events all the time designed to encourage start-ups in the city.

That having been said, it doesn't mean that it's easy to get a loan. Or that costs are lower to start and run a business. All it means is that they don't have a bunch of oppressive rules that make it harder.

Expenses to run a business are often astronomical. That's the case wherever you go for a chance to make money. Rent alone is sky high - not to mention the utilities and all the little bills that no one ever thinks about. But guess what? It doesn't have to be that way!

You can start a business in Seattle and actually afford an office in the business district. And you actually don't have to rob a bank to do it! All you need is a virtual office.

In case you're wondering what comes with that -- you get a fancy business district address right in the middle of things and a live receptionist will answer calls. You have access to a business center and everything else you need all for around $50 a month. They'll accept your mail and greet your clients, too. That's why the best way to take advantage of one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the U.S. is with a virtual office. Yes, it's really all that and a bag of chips!

Essential Virtual Office Tools

DVO_week10_2Most successful business people understand that organization is key to their success. Whether they are doing it themselves as entrepreneurs or small business owners - it's no exaggeration that their work lives would be out of control without some attempt at being organized.

Of course, the ideal is to have an assistant. But what small business owner can afford that? That's where virtual office tools come in. The most key component for business is communications - which a virtual office environment is all about. They offer everything - from receptionist, live call answering and forwarding to order taking and beyond.

It's really no different than what we had in a regular office. Actually - it's better. It's more reliable and it always works, so I don't have to work so hard!

File collaboration and management tools are great for all businesses. We've managed to keep the paper tiger in its cage by sharing our files vs. printing everything out. Not only is it more efficient, it's better for the ecology and you never have to worry about losing an important document -- because it's safely stored away in the virtual office.

We use Google Calendar so we all know what's going on. I even put my personal appointments on there so people know not to bug me. Believe it or not, that actually works a lot of the time. You don't have to say exactly what you're doing - just make something up that sounds good. I really like the calendar because I can access it from anywhere at any time.

Even virtual businesses need to hold meetings. We like to use web conference tools, but we also use meeting rooms. There are times when you really have to do a face to face. Outside conference rooms are a lot more affordable than I ever thought they'd be. Davinci offers them for as little as $10 an hour in some places!

I'd be lost without my virtual office tools! I really don't know how I managed without them. Well, actually - not very well. I guess that's the point!

Choose a Virtual Office in Tampa

DVO_week10_1Seeking office space to rent in Tampa can have many benefits to help take any business to its next level. But the cost of commercial property rentals is often too high for a small business, start-up, or entrepreneur.

There may be cheaper spaces to rent on the outskirts of town or in other areas, but businesses need to be where the action is in order to get noticed. One solution to affording rent in the epicenter of Tampa's business region is to consider a virtual office.

Many people are under the impression virtual means there is no physical location. But the fact is that a virtual office provides a prestigious business address with a real live receptionist - not just a robo secretary. This person will take messages and greet clients, too. The address can go on all of your advertising and marketing materials and your mail can be sent there.

They'll forward your mail for a little extra, which is handy for when you do business in various towns or want to have another place as home base. Best of all, you can use a private day office space starting at $10 or a meeting conference room for $25 an hour. That's nothing compared to commercial rents in Tampa, and you'd never find a hotel meeting room at that rate. Not to mention, I don't think I've ever seen full-fledged business services out of a hotel. The little computer stalls they have don't count as a business center in my book.

Regardless of what the situation or future business plans may be, a virtual office can be found to fit just about any budget. Virtual offices also make very good in-between offices. Whether a company is just starting out, relocating, or expanding - it could need a temporary office space while looking for another more permanent location.

The bottom line is regardless of business goals, it often doesn't make any good business sense to sign a multi-year lease for most companies today. Especially given the uncertain and somewhat volatile state of the economy!