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Get More Play Time With Virtual Technology

The Chief Operating Officer of Facebook - Cheryl Sandberg has been making waves lately with her statement that there is really no such thing as work life balance. It's actually the truth when you think about it. I don't know a single person who has it all together, let alone one with a partner.

The reason is that it's yet another fantasy few people are ever able to see materialize. That's one of the many reasons that people are motivated to start their own businesses. They tire of being told what to do and when to do it. They want the freedom to decide when they will work and who they will work with. They also want to follow their dreams and their calling. Still others dream of a more flexible schedule and free time.

Having your own business has a lot of perks, but starting out, it usually means that you will burn a lot more midnight oil than at any day job. But the big secret that many savvy small business owners find is that when they learn how to delegate properly - they can work less!

Having a virtual office is like having a competent team at your beck and call to make your business shine. You get a great address where clients can send mail. A live receptionist can take your calls and route them to wherever you happen to be. There are also business services available and conference rooms to rent when you need them, starting at as little as $15 an hour!

I used to think that things got harder at the top - but they actually get easier. That's because those at the top have assistants and all kinds of help. Theoretically, a small business owner could do the same. But how can they afford it? Most of them don't even take a salary during that first year or more!

Having a virtual office today is better than having a job with a 2 week vacation, because you have the flexibility to take more time off each day than you ever could before!


Boca Raton Virtual Offices - A Slice of Paradise!

Boca Raton has always been popular as both a tourist and retirement destination. But make no mistake, it is a great place for businesses, too. The climate attracts people for many reasons, but also because there is so much to do.

In truth, the Chamber of Commerce works with city leaders in Boca to really make things happen for businesses. They understand how important it is to be as involved as possible with proactive community officials who constantly work to make things happen. They work very hard to make sure that Boca remains a community where businesses can grow, turn a profit and create more jobs.

Maybe that's why it costs so little for a virtual office in Boca. Starting at around $50 a month - an entrepreneur or business of any size can have an office in one of the most popular living, working and tourist destinations in the world!

If you're expanding or contemplating coming to the region and want to test it out - imagine being able to set up shop in Boca to see what the business can do. And then imagine doing so well that you can enjoy the sunshine every single day of your life!

Business people are attracted to Boca for its can-do communal attitude. People want to live there for its undeniable comfort. So it's really a win win situation for everyone! You get to live in a great place with a virtual office that is fully loaded and ready to go.

With a great business address, you can attract the type of clients you want. They'll accept your mail, field your calls and forward your stuff to wherever you go. Not that you'll want to go anywhere, really. Once people get to a place like Boca - it's hard for them to leave!

Just like the sun, in many ways, the business community of Boca Raton is golden. Despite the unsettling times in the past few years, now is a great time to start a business in the region - and with a virtual office, anyone can afford to do it!


Virtual Offices Let Clients Meet You in St. Louis!

St. Louis is one of those cities that seems to get panned unfairly. Having lived a rather nomadic existence, I've found myself traveling to the area quite a bit on business. I must admit that I was not looking forward to going to St. Louis the first time.

But then I found the city to be a very engaging place. Because St. Louis is such a small town big city - it has all of the amenities, excitement, and opportunities of a big city, but the welcoming of a small town. And the cost of living ain't bad, either. The people were friendly, it has nice parks and lively entertainment. And some really great beer!

These are just some of the many reasons that St. Louis has consistently ranked as one of the top places to live in America. For businesses, the diversity makes it easy to appeal to a number of different types of people. Contrary to what some may believe, regardless of what kind of business you're in, St. Louis is bound to accommodate it in some way.

Even with lower costs, however, entrepreneurs can be faced with high commercial rents that can make it rough starting out. One of the ways around this is to have a virtual office. With that, you get all the benefits of big city offices: great address, live reception desk that takes mail, greets clients, and forwards calls and faxes. The average cost for all of that is around $50 a month -- which is really unbelievable in these high flying rent days.

When you need to take a meeting, you can rent an office with all the comforts of home, so to speak: nice digs, high tech support, full business services, you name it - and it is all there, ready and waiting for you! You really can't beat that.

A virtual office makes it possible to have a real, viable business presence in St. Louis so that it is possible to take advantage of all the city has to offer while living in a thriving and interesting town.


Becoming a Homepreneur

With the technology boom - it should come as no surprise that over half of all businesses in the U.S. are home based. I think it's really cool that the heretofore companies that were so often dismissed as quaint little hobby ventures are now actual viable businesses!

Around 6.6 million home based companies provide half or more of each household income. That makes them just as competitive as their significant others! I chuckle when I think of one of the original homepreneurs - Mrs. Fields. She famously started a cookie company in her kitchen, which her finance guy husband thought was a nice little hobby. Probably because he got to come home to fresh baked cookies every night. Little did he know that she would eventually become a millionaire - surpassing his income by leaps and bounds. I bet he didn't call it a hobby then!

Her products were developed in a kitchen - but when it came time for serious investors to get involved - I bet those meetings weren't taken in that kitchen. My money's on perhaps using one of her finance guy's conference rooms in a fancy office building.

Back then, I don't think they had any conference rooms for rent. So what would she have done otherwise? Today, she could just rent a meeting room. And she'd get all the cool stuff to go with it - receptionist, whiteboards - and she could arrange for the catering staff to serve the cookies! Now that would be cool. I always love cookies at a meeting.

As more businesses move operations online and jobs are created based on these moves, the number of people working from home offices will continue to rise. Virtual suites are great for home based ventures since you get professional addresses, phone and business services and a nice place to hold meetings - just like the big boys.

The fact is, it is easier than ever to start a business of any kind at home. All you have to really do is want to. So let's get crackin' - it's the 21st century y'all!


Don't Mess With San Antonio!

For the last five years, Texas has been ranked as THE top climate for businesses. Unlike some states - and they know who they are - Texas right away implemented more business friendly policies with improved business tax climates. They also did some things to help lower labor costs. Heck, they even offer more workforce training. That all adds up to more companies gravitating there.

Cities like San Antonio also have that nice toasty weather, which a lot of people like. What I enjoy about the city is that it's a little slower paced, so you don't have that hectic and stressed out vibe going on.

While Texas, San Antonio in particular, is great for businesses  it's still hard for a startup to get some love. Interestingly, whenever a statistic comes along and proclaims that a city is at the top of anything, it usually means you find a lot of moneyed people at the top rung.

While that's not a bad thing, it's important to realize that a smaller company is still looking at higher costs overall. That's just how it is. When you're not established yet, you gotta pay your dues.

Or do you? I think that technology has made it possible for smaller firms to really compete in places they never could before. While it's true you can run a business from anywhere - in order to be considered respectable or appeal to a local audience -- you have to be -- well, local!

In other words, if you want some of those wealthy Texas clients, you probably should have an office there. It just makes more sense. With rents the way they are, that's easier said than done. Unless . . .

You get a virtual office! This newfangled system involves technology with old school reference points. For instance, you get a great address and all the business amenities without the high rent. In San Antonio, a virtual pad will cost around $50 a month. They'll receive your mail, answer your calls, and when you need a meeting, you can rent a space for around $12 an hour! Virtual offices are the way to go – no question!