VIDEO: How Live Web Chat Can Help Your Virtual Business

MIAMI—If you run a small business—a small virtual business—you can use all the help you can get out on the World Wide Web. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is sharing one of its best kept virtual office secrets with you in the video below. But here’s the rub:

One of Davinci’s true keys to success online is the extensive use of live web chat. Live chat has worked so well for us, we decided to make it available for our virtual office clients. What exactly is live web chat? Here’s how it works:

Our smart live representatives engage your web visitors into a live chat session as they are viewing your business web site. Your team of thoroughly trained Davinci Virtual live web chat agents invite visitors to chat, offer in-depth customer service, answer frequently asked questions, and convert your web traffic into leads or sales for you. It's a must have for your virtual business.

Our agents even process your orders online, transforming your web site from a simple brochure into an interactive extension of your business. Relevant chat info is communicated immediately to via your cell phone and/or is e-mailed to you instantly for follow up. You can also view the entire chat history, and a variety of other detailed reports online from your virtual office.

Take your web site to the next level, increase conversions and start maximizing your online potential. Live web chat packages start at just $49. Check out our video below:



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