Finding Qualified Healthcare Receptionists Who Are HIPAA Compliant

Staying competitive as a healthcare entrepreneur means offering the same level of professionalism and security as large healthcare organizations. Even so, most clients appreciate the more personable relationship available with small to medium-sized business. So, when it comes time to hire a new healthcare receptionist to help manage the demands of your business, there are several qualifications on which you should never settle for less. Some basic qualities include:


You should feel they are respectful in their interaction with you and whoever else might be involved in the interview. It’s always good to role-play to get a feel for how they might handle client interaction.


Inquire about their organization strategies. Share your expectations for organization and make sure they are willing to meet them.

While these qualifications are applicable to receptionists in every industry, there is one major qualification healthcare receptions MUST have: HIPAA compliancy knowledge and training.

As a business in the healthcare industry, you will likely be faced with the growing pressure to remain HIPAA compliant. The government’s recent crackdown on even the small to medium-sized healthcare businesses has caught many unprepared. Being fined after failing a HIPAA audit can result in great losses—often exceeding $100,000.

Even though you might have extensive policies in place to ensure HIPAA compliance, if all employees are not thoroughly trained and committed to maintaining it, you may be in trouble.

When looking to hire a healthcare receptionist be sure to inquire of their HIPAA knowledge and training. It may even be helpful to role-play a customer interaction scenario where HIPAA compliance might be jeopardized. Requiring your candidates to take a HIPAA quiz in order to get a feel for their level of HIPAA expertise will also help ensure your new healthcare receptionist will do their part in keeping your business compliant.

Maintaining a well-qualified, HIPAA-trained healthcare receptionist can be costly. That’s where a virtual healthcare receptionist might be the answer for you. Davinci Receptionist Services offers receptionists meeting these requirements, letting you treat your patients while a HIPAA-trained Davinci healthcare virtual receptionist respectfully and professionally handles phone calls.

These HIPAA-compliant virtual healthcare receptionists are always based in the USA and work in an office environment, instead of from home. This cost-effective option is perfect for various healthcare businesses:

• Healthcare professionals: Delegate important office work to increase productivity and help lighten your workload as a busy healthcare professional.

• Medical Supply Services: Increase productivity and boost sales with a receptionist who can connect on a professional level.

• Pharmaceuticals: Stay competitive with a receptionist who directly connects with clients on an approachable, personal level.

• Dental Offices: Increase efficiency and focus on your patients with a receptionist who will cancel appointments, handle emergency calls, reply to emails, etc.

The Davinci healthcare virtual receptionist services include but are not limited to:

• Call screening/forwarding: Ensure that all calls are forwarded to the correct employee, number, or voicemail.

• Specialized live answering: Calls always feel like they take up valuable time and slow down business. In reality, each call could be a potential business opportunity. This service will ensure you never miss a call to capitalize on these opportunities.

• Appointment scheduling: With an online appointment scheduling system, your calendar can be customized for email or text alert notifications to let you know of upcoming events.

• Competent customer service: This service can even include order processing for your business.

• Outbound appointment reminders: This service is completed by a virtual receptionist who is trained on specifics about your business to ensure a seamless process.

Find the perfect HIPAA-trained professional for your company with Davinci today.


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