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Toronto Virtual Offices Help You Compete Globally

TORONTO—Did you know Toronto is one of the most livable and competitive cities in the world? Toronto just ranked third overall in the fifth annual Cities of Opportunity, a report from Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the Partnership for New York City.

The report is a qualitative look at 2012’s emerging picture of city life in 27 world capitals of finance, commerce and culture across 10 broad categories. Again, Toronto ranks third overall. New York and London tied for first place. Toronto ranked second in intellectual capital, innovation and transportation and infrastructure. Toronto also ranked second in health, safety and security, and sustainability in the natural environment categories.

You can rent Toronto virtual office space from Davinci Virtual at Toronto Executive Suites. Located at 140 Young Street in Toronto, Davinci offers virtual offices through Toronto Executive Suites for prices starting at $59 a month. That’s a bargain!

This Toronto virtual office package includes a prime business address, mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, and a lobby greeter to welcome any guests who come to pick up or drop off packages and more.

This virtual office space in Toronto also makes available conference room rental for $25 to $45 an hour and day time office space for $10 to $35 an hour. You can use your Toronto virtual office address for business cards, licensing, websites and other public materials. With Davinci Virtual, you also get access to a network of more than 3,000 meeting rooms worldwide.

Virtual Offices Highlighted During National Work and Family Month

NEW YORK-It’s National Work and Family Month—and flexible working is in the spotlight. A new report from FlexJobs is revealing the best career fields for work-life balance. The index includes virtual office jobs, flextime, telecommuting and part-time jobs.

“At FlexJobs, we are thrilled to support National Work and Family Month because the idea is at the very core of our daily work. I founded FlexJobs after trying my own experience trying to find work that would support a balance between work and family,” says Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs.

“Because our site lists only jobs that offer some type of work-life balance like telecommuting, part-time schedules, and flextime, we've been able to help over 300,000 job seekers in their search for work-life balance.”

So what are the most popular jobs with virtual office possibilities? Jobs in the medical and health sectors continue to lead the way as the most flexible jobs. That’s followed by customer service, administrative, education and training, and sales.

On the other hand, the career fields with the largest increases in potential virtual office positions in September were account management, communications, computer and IT, sales and education and training. It’s clear to see that these fields lend themselves to virtual office work.

“In celebrating National Work and Family Month, we hope to show professionals that they can find jobs that fit their lives, rather than struggling to fit their lives around their jobs.” says Fell. “Highlighting the huge variety of opportunities on FlexJobs will hopefully broaden the horizons of job seekers as well as employers.”

So whether you are looking for jobs where you can work from a virtual office in New York, a virtual office in Toronto, or a virtual office somewhere else, FlexJobs has the hookup on the jobs—and Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has the hookup on the virtual office technologies.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions Among Fastest Growing Companies in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY—Around here, we’re growing fast. How fast? Fast enough to land once again on the Mountain West Capital Network’s Utah 100 for 2012. That’s right, we’re the only virtual office provider on the list and we’re proud to represent.

Our still-young virtual office company was selected as the 22nd fastest growing firm on the list. We just accepted the award on Oct. 9 at the Annual Utah 100 awards ceremony at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. The event was opened by keynote speaker Senator Orrin Hatch and presented by Mountain West Capital Network.

"We are honored to be selected as one of the fastest growing companies by the Mountain West Capital Network's Utah 100 for the third time,” says Bill Grodnik, CEO of Davinci Virtual. “The award is a tribute to our rapid and continued growth supported by our great staff! Our turnkey virtual office solutions have now become the industry standard for mobile professionals and entrepreneurs alike."

How did Davinci Virtual Office Solutions land on the Utah list again? We had to show significant revenue growth for five consecutive years—and we also had to show innovation and performance. As the leading brand in an exploding virtual office industry, we met the criteria and were named among a cross-section of industries, from information technology and biomedical to biotechnical and healthcare to retail, construction and financial services.

Davinci's virtual offices and services include local or toll-free telephone and fax numbers, digital voicemail, electronic fax, e-mail, online command center, unified messaging, voice and video conferencing, voicemail-to-e-mail, fax-to-email, professional live receptionist services, virtual assistants, live call answering, live web chat, screening and forwarding, find me, follow me, surveys, outbound calling, customer service, appointment scheduling, order taking, and much more.

Davinci offers virtual office locations and virtual office services worldwide, including virtual offices in New York. With professional business addresses in over 800 prime locations, mail forwarding, lobby and directory listings, access to conference rooms and day offices, catering, administrative services, virtual assistants, business support centers, resident agent services, license hanging and more, Davinci Virtual helps businesses maintain a global presence on a local budget.

Small Businesses Leading the Toronto Virtual Office Charge

TORONTO—Who uses virtual offices in Toronto more? Small businesses or large corporations? That’s what BMO Bank of Montreal set out to discover in its latest survey. I can’t say that the results of the telecommuting survey surprise me.

BMO surveyed Canadian businesses to discover 31 percent of companies are letting their employees telecommute as a means to boost productivity and reduce expenses. BMO defined telecommuting as working remotely from outside the office. That could mean virtual offices in Toronto or some other remote working arrangement.

The Toronto telecommuting survey also reveals that 11 percent of employees at small businesses—defined as companies with fewer than 50 employees—telecommute. That compares to only 6 percent of virtual office users at larger companies. What’s more, the survey reveals that half of small business telecommuters spend at least 80 percent of the workweek outside the office.

"For small businesses being flexible and innovative can extend well beyond the products and services they offer. Telecommuting can offer some key advantages to both employees and employers," says Joe Collura, Small Business Area Manager at BMO Bank of Montreal.

"Flexible work arrangements help maintain work-life balance for employees, improve productivity, and strengthen the connection between a business and its customers by increasing the time employees spend offsite and in face-to-face customer conversations."

Regionally, the report found that Toronto, Ontario businesses have the greatest percentage of companies with employees who telecommute. Thirty seven percent of employees there tap into virtual office technologies. Quebec has the fewest at 16 percent.

Of course, Davinci Virtual Offices has plenty of virtual office space in Toronto, along with meeting rooms and day offices, for remote workers at companies large and small.

Why Live Virtual Assistants Beat Siri Hands Down

LOS ANGELES-For all the talk about virtual assistants today, like Siri, Iris, and the growing number of other mobile apps that aim to answer questions and give directions, there is much more value in a live virtual assistant.

First, let’s look at the most popular virtual assistant in the mobile world—Siri—and then we’ll compare that to the benefits of a live virtual assistant to complement your virtual office.

Apple says its Siri virtual assistant makes everyday tasks less tasking. It figures out which apps to use for which requests, and it finds answers to queries through sources like Yelp and WolframAlpha. It plays songs you want to hear, gives you directions, wakes you up, even tells you the score of last night’s game. All you have to do is ask.

Virtual assistant apps can look up a phone number, but real virtual assistants can answer your phones, make outbound calls and more. Virtual assistant apps can find answers to queries through Internet research, which is much more practical for most of your entrepreneurial needs. Real-life virtual assistants can do your shopping for you, do your Internet marketing for you, and do much more for you.

You can talk to the Siri virtual assistant and say things like, “Tell my wife I’m running late” or “Remind me to call the vet.” Siri not only understands what you say, it’s smart enough to know what you mean. But live virtual assistant is much smarter. A live virtual assistant can call your wife in person and smooth over the fact that you are going to be late for dinner. A live virtual assistant can call the vet for you.

Are you starting to get the picture? Siri virtual assistant is cool, but for the busy entrepreneur, live virtual assistants beat Siri hands down. If you are a virtual office user, there's no reason why you can't maximize your productivity by using both.