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Could Virtual Offices Curb Employee Hooky Days?

LOS ANGELES—Remember Ferris Bueller’s day off? It was a popular movie in the 1980s, and apparently the concept stuck with some office workers.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 30 percent of workers in the past year have called in sick—even when they aren’t sick. The survey also reveals that sick days, whether legitimate or faked, happen more frequently around the winter holidays. Nearly one-third of employees say more employees call in sick during the holiday season. I believe virtual offices could help cut down on some of these shenanigans by fostering a results-driven workplace with the flexibility to workfshift.

Employers are going to great lengths to catch fakers. Some require a doctor’s note. Others call the employee later in the day. Still others had coworkers call the suspected faker or even drive by their home. Checking Facebook is a common tool to see what an employee is up to. Wouldn’t it be easier to empower employees with flexible work from a virtual office and a results-driven culture that holds employees accountable for getting the work done no matter when they do it?

Some employees just don’t feel like going to work (34 percent), or feel like they needed to relax (29 percent). Others take the day off so they can make it to a doctor's appointment (22 percent), catch up on sleep (16 percent), or run some errands (15 percent). When you allow employees to telecommute from a virtual office—perhaps even on days when they are under the weather, need a bit of a breather or have a doctor’s appointment—you can still expect productivity when you foster a results-driven work environment.

When asked to share the most memorable excuses, employers reported the following real-life examples:

Employee's sobriety tool wouldn't allow the car to start
Employee forgot he had been hired for the job
Employee said her dog was having a nervous breakdown
Employee's dead grandmother was being exhumed for a police investigation
Employee's toe was stuck in a faucet
Employee said a bird bit her
Employee was upset after watching "The Hunger Games"
Employee got sick from reading too much
Employee was suffering from a broken heart
Employee's hair turned orange from dying her hair at home

At the end of the day, you’ll always have some employees who don’t want to work—whether it’s from virtual offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or at your company headquarters. But if you implement a results-driven culture, it takes the pressure off both you and your employees by allowing people to work in their prime and take breaks when needed.


Sydney Virtual Offices on Kent Street Offer Prestigious Image

SYDNEY—If you want to be where the action is in Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD), Kent Street is a prime location. Sydney’s CBD is densely concentrated with skyscrapers and other buildings and Kent Street is right in the midst of it all.

According to Wikipedia, “The Sydney CBD contains many of Australia’s tallest skyscrapers, including Governor Phillip Tower, MLC Centre and World Tower, the latter consisting predominantly of apartments. The tallest structure is Sydney Tower at 309 meters, however planning restrictions limit future developments to a height of 235 metres due to air traffic.”

You can rent Sydney virtual office space from Davinci Virtual at Sydney Business Suites. Located at 309 Kent Street in Sydney, Davinci offers virtual offices through Sydney Business Suites for prices starting at $170 a month.

Davinci’s Sydney virtual offices are located in the Lumley House tower. Built in 1972, the skyscraper has 16 floors with a modern architectural style of glass, steel and concrete. This makes for an impressive address for virtual office users looking for offer a professional business image.

This Sydney virtual office package includes a prime business address, mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, and a lobby greeter to welcome any guests who come to pick up or drop off packages and more.

This virtual office space in Sydney also makes available conference room rental for $25 to $45 an hour and day time office space for $10 to $35 an hour. You can use your Sydney virtual office address for business cards, licensing, websites and other public materials. With Davinci Virtual, you also get access to a network of more than 3,000 meeting rooms worldwide.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions Expands to Better Serve You

SALT LAKE CITY—At Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, your growth is our growth. And apparently, you are growing. We’ve been expanding our headquarters office space quite a lot over the past year and we just added more space.

Our new space will house our Davinci Meeting Rooms subsidiary, a fast-growth part of the business that meets the needs of virtual office users who want to hold professional meeting with clients and prospects. Our newly built workspace includes more than 25 workstations to house employees that serve you!

"We are blown away by the incredible growth of our meeting room business,” says Bill Grodnik, CEO of Davinci Virtual. “Our easy to use online reservation platform now processes thousands of transactions per month. Our high-touch service model really appeals to our clients and we see a tremendous amount of repeat business—the market place clearly has validated our offering.”

Part of the Davinci Virtual Office Solutions family, DavinciMeetingRooms.com is a website and online reservation platform for meeting room users. We recently revamped our web site.

The new site lets you search and compare more than 3,000 professional meeting spaces, book and manage conference room reservations, reserve a variety of add-on services, find meeting rooms in their geographical vicinity using mobile GPS applications, check in for meetings at the locations with a digital membership card and much more.

Davinci also offers virtual office locations and virtual office services worldwide. With professional business addresses in over 850 prime locations, like virtual offices in New York, virtual offices in Los Angeles and virtual offices in Sydney, mail forwarding, lobby and directory listings, access to meeting space including conference rooms and day offices, administrative services, virtual assistants, business support centers, resident agent services and more.

Virtual Offices May Help Retain Best and Brightest

LOS ANGELES—Americans seem to have their eyes always open for the next job. According to a Jobvite Social Job Seeker Survey, 75 percent of American workers are actively looking for or are open to new jobs. Could offering telecommuting from a virtual office help employers retain the best and brightest workers?

The survey also reveals that job seekers are more social than the overall workforce, with 88 percent having at least one social networking profile; 64 percent have accounts on at least two networks and 44 percent using three or more. Twenty-four percent of job seekers report they’ve been asked for social media profiles during the interview process.

"With fierce competition for jobs, which now includes a majority of employed people on top of active job seekers, social media has become a critical tool for job hunting and career growth," says Dan Finnigan, president and CEO, of Jobvite. "One in six job seekers polled credited a social network for leading to their current/most recent employment.”

Employees may decide to stop searching for a new job if employer would offer more flexible work. Telecommuting from virtual offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or anywhere else, is an attractive option for employees looking for better work life balance. Virtual office work offers opportunities for workshifting, which is the ultimate in flexibility.

With all the modern virtual office technologies today, employees can work from just about anywhere. They can also search for a new job from just about anywhere. Forward-thinking employers are taking measured steps to put flexible work programs in place that help retain strong workers in any economy.

Could Virtual Office Options Help Attract Mature Workers?

NEW YORK—Did you know hiring managers are three times more likely to hire a mature worker than a Millennial? So says a new survey from Adecco. Could virtual offices open the door to attracting more mature workers to the marketplace?

Indeed, the survey findings revealed a positive perception of mature workers in today's workplace, with 91 percent of respondents saying they view mature workers as reliable and 88 percent considering them professional. These are two ingredients that are a must for virtual office workers.

Many mature workers today are in the second phase of their career, some of whom had to come out of retirement or were laid off during the most recent economic downturn. They may be looking for more flexible work options, like telecommuting from a virtual office in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or wherever else they call home.

The top 10 jobs for mature workers include—and you can do at least half of them from a virtual office:

  • Training / Learning Instructor

  • Financial Consultant / Advisor

  • Retail Sales Representative

  • Local Tourism Guide

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Non-Profit Recruiter / Manager

  • Accounts Payable / Receivable Clerk

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Technical Writer

  • Quality Control Engineer

Mature workers—technically, workers 50 or over—can be a true asset to any organization. But many, especially workers coming out of retirement, may want more flexible job options. Offering telecommuting from a virtual office options can help you attract and retain these valuable mature workers.