What is a Virtual Mailbox

Professionals today don’t need to be tied to a physical location, however, their mail does. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you use a virtual mailbox service. 

Virtual mailboxes are typically included among the services provided by a virtual office. It provides individuals with a physical address that they can use to receive all of their mail. Regardless of whether you are traveling, you move locations, or live a digital nomad style, having a virtual mailbox is useful as it provides you not only with a safe place to receive mail, but also one that will be regularly checked and maintained.

Having a virtual mailbox means that your mail will reach a designated physical location and a personal box number. A representative will be in charge of handling and forwarding that mail for you. 

New technology has enhanced the virtual mailbox service by giving people the option to decide what to do with their mail through their computer or phone. Say you receive an envelope. Davinci can take a picture of the envelope, scan it for you, and await your instructions on what to do with it: open, forward, pick up, shred, or hold. 

Virtual mailboxes give professionals the opportunity to travel or run a business remotely without having to sacrifice their professional image and responsiveness, as well as provide clients and customers with a sense of trust. 

A run-down of virtual mailboxes 

• Access to a physical location and personal box number across the world

• Receive mail

• Assigned representative handles your mail

• Decide what to do with your mail: scan, hold, shred, forward, pick-up 

• Professional image, responsiveness, freedom to travel or move (you won’t have to be tied down to a physical location, even if you’re waiting for important mail)

• Service bundling option: virtual office, VoIP phone, live receptionist, live web chat services, directory listing, option for day office or meeting room space

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